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Monday, January 20, 2014

New Year's Eve BBQ

Just another long overdue post..typical me..

How did you celebrate your New Year's Eve? Hope you had lots of fun with your loved ones! Mine was fabolous!

All my direct relatives (My dad's brothers and their family) came to Jogja. It has been such a long long time since all of us get together. I mean, I visit to Jember from time to time, but it has been a long time since all of us get together in the same place at time same time, usually there were always one brother's family who's not present, etc.

I also got to meet my cousin, Jayden, whom I have only met when he was just weeks old. Now he's almost 3! Time flies. I also got to meet his little brother (I  have only met him once before), Felix, who is sooo freaking adorable and reminds me a lot of my late granddad from my father's side whom I miss so so much.

All in all, one of the best, if not the best New Year's Eve of my life so far. . .

Prepping for the barbecue
The spread
The BBQ meats and veggies my mom prepared: corns, shrimps, beef slices, chickens, salmons, squids, some kind of fish, pineapples, onions and capsicums. My favorite is pineapple! They are sooo good and becomes sweeter when you grill them.

More spread: hot dogs, meatballs, and the sauces. I really liked the Saori teriyaki sauce. Do try them when you're having a BBQ.

Sticking the meat to satay stick
My brother and father grilling

I really love the charred part. Kinda missing these right now hehe.

Can't you tell I'm super excited??!!
Jayden and his dad
While BBQ-ing, we were also playing and running around at the front a lot! And Jayden is handsome, isn't he? Behind him is my other cousin, Matthew, and beside him is his sister, Ching-ching.

My brother helped Jayden with the bicycle. Such a sweet moment! I also played this with him and after pushing him around the complex for 2 rounds I was already exhausted (really need to get fit!).

Grilling all day err day~

This is me being overly proud of my creation lol

I really love this photo of him and I found his expression to be really funny lol.

He looked so irritated and pissed off and is about slap the heck outta you lol, like "What?? You're not done taking my photo? You better be done soon or I'm gonna kung fu kick your butt off!! Don't belive it? Want a piece of me? huh? huh?! HUH?!"

Of course, ain't no New Year without fireworks!!

Look at Jayden's face, he was like "What kind of sorcery is this??!!"

I think my brother tried to spell his name here
Mooaaaar fireworks
We only play the hand-held ones because we don't want to disturb our neighbor, but there are already lots of big fireworks in the sky from other places that night, so we still get to watch big fireworks!

My mom cleaning the aftermath lol

Anyway, every now and then I'm gonna post more personal post like this since I started this blog as my virtual diary :)

xoxo, Lily

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