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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Monthly Montages - August, September, & October 2014

There goes down the drain my initial plan of actually doing this "Monthly Montages" in monthly basis while I'm in summer holiday lol. It's November now, summer has passed and I have 3 months worth of "Monthly Montages" piled up. #procastinationatitsbest people!

Anyway, I'm just gonna combine all those months into a single post, not even gonna bother to try and make them into singular ones.

Let's start with August!


  • Finally summoned the gut to sort out and clean my nail polish stash. Killed a whole afternoon lol
  • And and and Din Tai Fung at Mal @ Alam Sutera finally opened!! Tried their supposedly "best xiao long bao" and it was really good. Not sure if it was the best (this din tai fung is the halal one, so no pork xiao long bao - boo!), but definitely yummy. Gonna go to the Din Tai Fung chef's table next time to try the real deal (pork xiao long bao that is)
  • Selfie while filming 3 videos in a row I think, it was when I was in a roll filming back to school videos
  • THIS! This is one of the cheapest arem-arem I can find here in Jakarta. It was 3k, which of course not exactly cheap - it's average price - for a street snack back in Jogja, but it was really GENEROUSLY filled with the meat filling. Taste wise, it was pretty good too.

  • Also finally tried Marugame Udon. It was pretty good too I think, but I still much prefer thick-souped ramen (I like super savoury dishes better than light-tasting ones)
  • Aaah, that feeling when all of your online orders coming in at the same time. It's like a birthday lol
  • Gotta take a selfie (ish? Only eyes one) because I did an almost perfect winged eyeliner!
  • Spotted this stand that sells uber cute soap shaped in various treats (cupcake, macaron, drinks, tart, etc) in CP bazaar. Bought 3 soaps (smells really good btw) and haven't used it till now 'cause I don't have the heart to ruin the shape wtf #firstworldproblem

  • Disgusting pic, I know, but I was doing a major rub-off in my room for the first time since I moved here and damn, they didn't clean this place properly. Lots of dirt on the window frame and hinge area of the bathroom door
  • My (then) favorite snack. A bowl of milk and dark baking chocolate chips. I bought it to make lava cake and end up only used it to make 1 lava cake and snacking the leftover just as is hehe
  • Sam was sound asleep and I had nothing to do, so what else did I have to do other than give him a quick nail do, yes?  

  • Okay, I think there's a glitch in my Sims 3, every time my sim finished took a bath and went to work, he went naked like that lolol. I think it's because he's on the higher level of his job and doesn't have to wear uniform and most of the time he goes to work right after shower, so since he doesn't have to change clothes he just goes with the last clothes he has on, which is his birthday suit a.k.a NONE. Makes sense enough? So, yeah, he just walks around, struttin' his stuffs with no fucks to give lol (none of that pixelated censor covering his butt and weewee some more - btw, if you're curious, he's a ken doll wtf)
  • Wasabi Kit Kat from Eko. It tastes like milky kit kat and then has this slightly spicy and bitter aftertaste.
  • Mussels in garlic herb butter sauce or something from Manhattan Fish Market. I usually don't quite like mussels, but this one is really good, especially because of that yummy sauce. I can eat just bread and that sauce and will be a happy camper.
  • My favorite hainam rice from Gang U in Syahdan. Best one I tried around here so far.


  • Moon cake festival! I actually only like moon cake with red bean (tausa) and nut (I think it's almond) filling. Back in the day (which probably only like 5-7 years ago lol), it was one of the most often flavour that is given out, but now out of a few boxes of moon cake that my parent got, I only found one cake with that filling (1 box usually filled with 4 different moon cakes). The rest are either lotus paste or these new (modern, I guess) filling like avocado, mango, green tea, like WHAT?! They taste weird to me and I'm usually down with trying any strange/new food.
  • Poppin' Cookin'!! It really is fun, and the taste is not bad at all. The fish roe taste like popping bubble :D
  • Everytime in Jogja gotta have a chinese food and dim sum feast at Serayu Restaurant. They have really awesome chinese food. Try the shrimp hotplate!!
  • Tried this (relatively) new authentic Italian restaurant in Jogja (don't remember the name). I ordered squid ink pasta expecting the sauce would be black, but actually only the pasta uses squid ink, the sauce is like standard cream sauce. Still tastes good though. The price is a bit steep for Jogja, but for once in a while still okay, not crazily overpriced. My father definitely will prefer eat at warung tenda seafood (seafood hawker stall?) next to this place lol. He doesn't really like western food, add to that have to pay so much extra, I think he'd rather just watch us eat and then he'll get himself take-out from the hawker stall later

  • I'm forever will see my lil' brother as a 10 years old. When I saw he actually has (somewhat) muscly arms, it striked me that he's actually already 14 (I felt so old lol)
  • My favorite cookies from Mary Anne's. Butter Cornflakes. Even my lil' brother who don't really like cookies like this one, so naturally I had to stock up to bring to Jakarta :D
  • Selfie with Sam at Puncak. He was so adamant about me having to try eating Indomie (with soup one) in Puncak wtf. He said because the weather is cold, the indomie tastes a lot better
  • My lil' cousins from Jember. So cute!! Anyway, the blue beenies were knitted by my mom. It's her hobby now. Knitting. Such a granny's hobby lol. I think I got my crafty gene (read: spending - wasting if you want - hours of time by making something yourself when you can just easily buy it in stores and save yourself the trouble lol) from my mom.

  • Spending the day in Taman Safari (Zoo) Cisarua Bogor. It was one of best date we've ever had. I love zoo and I really love the road trip to get there and back 

  • Elephant poo paper. I sniffed it and it doesn't smell like anything thankfully. I expected it to at least has that "organic" smell.
  • Ubi Madu Cilembu (Cilembu Honey Sweet Potato)!! It was actually my first time trying out ubi cilembu and it was really good. The name honey sweet potato really fits too as it is the sweetest sweet potato I've ever tried
  • Visited Cimory while in Puncak. They have buy 1 get 1 on their newly launched soya milk, so I bought a bunch of them - it's the cheapskate in me, can't pass up a good deal
  • Chocomory - Cimory's chocolate brand. I recommend that hazelnut filled chocolate and crispy matcha. I bought that chocolate buttons because I thought I'll be all cutesy tootsie sippin' in hot cocoa while reading or blogging or editing, but ended up haven't even tried it yet till now wtf

  • Soufeel charms bracelet, sooo pretty
  • Sam being all serious coding and stuffs (he looked like he's sleeping though in this pic :p)
  • Went to Luxola's launch. Read HERE for the full post
  • My mom and and dad visited Jakarta, so we went to eat together. My mom said she might come to Jakarta again in a couple of weeks. Eeek, I'm excited!

  • I slept with parent in their hotel 'cause I want to have the breakfast. I don't know what it is about hotel breakfast, but I loooove it so much. It's my favorite part about staying in a hotel! 
  • Seafood baked rice from Fish & Co. Meh. Just go eat their fish and chips
  • The chilli crab fish and chip! Love it :D
  • Uber cute doughnuts. To be honest, it doesn't taste that good (nothing compared to dunkin' donuts or J.Co), but it's instagram worthy lol. Sigh, remember that time when people buy food because they're delicious and not because they want to have nice instagram photos? #preinstagramera


  • Finally took photos of the Madam Glam nail polishes! Reviews on them soon :)
  • Had the will power to tidy up my insanely messy wardrobe, at last. Yes, that pic is already the after. 
  • Had another perfect winged eyeliner day, SO.MUST.TAKE.TONS.OF.SELFIE lol
  • Another instagram worthy food! These ones is not bad though. I quite liked the beef blackpepper (cow shaped one), although the chicken something" (chicken shaped one) is no bueno (is that the correct word? :p)

  • Stayed at my brother's and cooked this breakfast with his girlfriend. Pork burger, homemade BBQ sauce, and cheat pancake out of the box. The homemade BBQ sauce was dabombdiggity! We used the Gordon Ramsay's recipe btw if you want to make BBQ sauce yourself too.
  • Flied back to Jogja for my Dad's birthday! :D
  • Finally the long-awaited IKEA opens its door! The famous ice cream cone. I also tried the famous swedish meatball, but I already gorged 'em down before I can remember to take photo of it #gluttonproblem
  • Wedding guest OOTD. Love that bottom, too bad there isn't much place I can wear them to

  • First time eating actual pomegranate fruit (I only had tried the boxed pomegranate drink before). They are a pain in the butt to peel though, aren't they? I've tried using the technique I learnt from youtube (Youtube is the best way to learn something lol, even menial stuffs like this) and it still took me more than a half hour with red splatter all over the place wtf. Anyway, the texture is a bit like grapefruit -crunchy with burst of juice- and the taste is like a mix of orange and grapefruit
  • Bunny farm at Mal @ Alam Sutera! Cuteness overload! You have to pay 30k to get inside though
  • Really cute brother and sister I spotted in LW after my gym class. They hold hand all the time while walking with their parent, never letting go for even a second! So cute and precious can melt your heart. Anyway, I had to be a creepy stalker and take a photo of this precious moment
  • All you can eat at Poke Sushi because they're having 50%, 75%, and 100% off promotion with Danamon credit card. This one is Salmon Salad (I think) and it was the highlight of that night. The salmon was fresh and the sauce was really delicious and went well with the salmon. A perfect light appetizer
And that pretty much conclude the last 3 months of my life. I went back to Jogja a lot lol. Anyway, hope you guys have a great holiday season!!!


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