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Monday, October 20, 2014

Luxola's Beauty Discovery Evening | NEW Luxola Indonesia Launch

/*overdue post! forgot to publish it lol*/

A couple of weeks ago (on 22nd of September, I believe), I was invited to attend the launch of NEW Luxola Indonesia. Why "NEW" you might ask, since Luxola has been launched in Indonesia since a couple years ago? I'm gonna tap into that later in the event section, but first thing first, I wanna give a huge thank you to Luxola Indonesia's team for having me :)

I think most of you already know about Luxola if you're from South East Asia, especially Singapore (their origin country - I saw a HUGE HUGE advert of Luxola pasted on the wall of the MRT Station when I was in SG), and if you've subscribed to Lolabox before, since Luxola has made frequent appearances in their boxes. Heck, even I know Luxola from Lolabox. I actually purchased my first Sleek palette and Models Own nail polish from them as well.

In case you don't know about Luxola, here's the gist: they are a one-stop online beauty store where you can find various brands, from the ones that you're familiar with (ie. The Face Shop, Skin79) to the ones that are still hard to find/not distributed here (ie. Lime Crime, Beauty Blender, Eco Tools, Real Technique, etc). Yes, their products are 100% original. As of now, Luxola operates in 10 countries, including Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia, Australia, Brunei, Hong Kong, India, the United Arab Emirates, Thailand, and of course, Indonesia!

Now that you've been familiarized with Luxola, let's get into the fun part, the actual event! :D

Of course, gotta take a selfie of the FOTD on the way there. 

I was rushing from school to the event (I had class until 3 p.m., the event starts at 5 p.m., and the venue was about 20 km away), so I only used very minimal do. I think I only had on The Body Shop Vitamin E Cool BB Cream, Maxfactor Mastertouch concealer, Crazy Rumors lip balm, The Body Shop lip stain, eyeliner (either Maybelline Hypersharp Liner or Cyber Color) and a setting powder. I also planned to do something to my hair, but at the end I was like "Ain't nobody got time for that", which actually benefits me and you'll see why later.

The event was held at Jimbaran Outdoor Lounge in Intercontinental Jakarta Midplaza Hotel. I really liked the venue because it's outdoor, which means tons natural light, resulting in nicer pictures (at least while the sun is till up).

At the entrance, there was a Photo Booth for camwhoring and also a guy who'll took a polaroid picture of you :D

Props to camwhore with.

Spotted Carryn from diaryofaneyelinerjunkie with Aullia from duapuluhtujuhdesember. There were also Endi Feng, Felicia from bubblegum-happiness (she's even more pretty in real life omg), Uchieta Pohan, Shella from polish wonderland, and a bunch more.

One with Elin from elinivana. Btw, the dress code was Classy Black and White, that's why everyone were dressed in monochrome.

You don't expect someone who's vain like me to not take pics just by myself, do you? Or maybe that's more because I'm a very introverted person rather than because I'm vain :p

The theme of the event is "Luxola's Beauty Discovery Evening" because there will be various mini beauty treatments from some of the brands that they carry. So there were these little sections at the venue and there was a different beauty treatment in each of those. Cute concept, isn't it? Let's take a lil' tour to each booth!

Skin Care Booth by L'Oreal

The first booth there was a skincare booth by L'Oreal, so there were a bunch L'Oreal stuffs to try out, like the ones from the RevitaLift line and White Perfect line.

I didn't actually visit this booth because I already had makeup on, so I just took a couple photos.

Make-Up Booth by The Balm

I loved this booth. There were tons of The Balm products to play with, and God knows I've been really intrigued by The Balm for a long time, mainly because of their unique retro packaging. What can I say, I'm a sucker for a cute packaging!

You can also get a make-up touch up, even make over, there if you want.

Look at those The Balm items galore to play with. There were more products at the back too. I just can't.

False Eyelashes Booth by Arline

The display of the various kinds of falsies they have.

I believe the woman is the owner, while the guy is the ambassador. I thought it was the other way around since the name is Arline by Gusnaldi (the guy).

Anyway, I was waiting for my turn to try on their falsies when I noticed the SPG (I think)'s falsies and immediately fascinated by it. It's so cute and fits her oriental face perfectly, definitely the kind of lashes that is suitable for Chinese event like CNY. Picture that lashes, red lips, and a Jibao dress :D

This is the lashes they chose for me because I asked for a natural look. This falsies are made from 100% premium human hair.

Before putting on the falsies. As you can see, I have an almost borderline non-noticeacle lashes. It's not that I have super-short lashes, they are just not thick and curled enough.

Waiting for the lashes to be cut to fit my eyes and to be glued. The girl who helped me putting on the lashes was really nice and informative. Love her hair too btw.

So vain one, putting on falsies still have to smile at the camera lol. 

Excuse the mess that is my eyebrows. I rarely groomed them unless I have a special event to attend to (ie. family weddings) because I feel like they are covered by my bang anyway. Truthfully, that's just an excuse for me being a #lazyass

After putting on the falsies. 

I kid you not, it was the most comfortable falsies I've ever tried. Granted I've only tried a handful of falsies in my entire life so far because I only used them for special occasions like family weddings, graduation, etc, but I realized at one point I actually forgot I had falsies on until a representative from Luxola (either from Malaysia or Singapore) asked me about it. Also, by the end of the night, I don't feel like ripping the falsies right off, which is rare for me.

It's a little bit hard to see the actual falsies in this photo (I have clearer photo down below), especially because I didn't use an eyelash curler afterward, but you can definitely see the thickening effect of it. It looks natural too :D

Nail Parlour Booth by OPI

Look at those OPI nail polishes on display! Good thing I'm not as addicted to nail polish anymore, so I'm not as tempted to just shove it all down my purse.

I didn't get my nails done though because I already had a nail art on, and why would I wanna trade a nail art I painstakingly drew to a plain mani, right? Okay, I might have exaggerated a bit. The nail art I had on was actually quite simple, but I was still reluctant to remove it 'cause it matched the dress code.

Hair Styling Booth by Babyliss & Vidal Sassoon

Good thing I didn't do a single damn thing to my hair other than combed it before the event, so I get to try the babyliss irons provided. I also saw some hair stuffs from Vidal Sassoon too, but decided to try the Babyliss Curl Secret!

I've been intrigued by the Babyliss Curl Secret for quite sometime ever since I saw it on itsjudytime channel, but -Oh, wait I just checked out her channel, turns out she tried the one from Conair, not Babyliss lol. Oops, my bad- But anyway, I thought she tried the babyliss and it seemed like such a hassle to use and not to mention seemed pretty dangerous because your hair can get stuck in it and get pulled, so I never took the plunge when I saw it on the counter (I had it in my head that it was a dangerous, hard to use, gimmicky product that's not worth the money).

Still, I was curious about the unique concept of this curling tool, so when I saw it ready to try in this booth, I went ahead and tried it with the help of the girl from that booth.

It's actually REALLY easy to use. There are 3 settings, for the heat, timer, and curl direction so you create curls with different effects. All you have to do after choosing the setting you want are placing a section of your hair into the chamber, wait for the the timer to beep, and release the hair. I tried it myself after the girl taught me how and I have no difficulty using it.

The con I find on this curling tool is probably the fact that you need to section you hair pretty small to be able to fit it into the chamber, so it can be pretty time consuming if you have tons of hair. Oh! And also, it's a bit harder to do the hair at back side.

After the curling is done. I loved the result. I think it took about 15 to 20 minutes or so in total. Added this Babyliss Curl Secret to my wish list :)

You can see the Arline falsies better in the above photo.

Products Booth

In this booth there were products that Luxola carries on display.

Sugarpill, Ecotools, Skin79, Real Technique, Bioderma, Cottage, The Balm, Lime Crime, etc
Yes, they do carry Lime Crime & Sugarpill!!!

I can already hear the excitement of Indonesian MUA and beauty blogger lol. I personally am pumped that I finally can get my hands on Lime Crime nail polishes. I've searched for Indonesian online shop that sells them a long time ago to no avail.

Kenzo, Cartier, IASO, Dr. Jart, Coverderm, Rosebud Perfume Company, Beauty Blender, etc
More eye candy for beauty product junkie :D

NEW Luxola Indonesia?

That's Alexis who presented. She is the founder of Luxola. The woman beside her who wore that white halter top and black skirt is Cynthia Chaerunnisa, head of marketing Luxola Indonesia, and she is actually the co-founder of the now-discontinued Lolabox! Sigh, I miss Lolabox. I hope there will be a new beauty subscription box in Indonesia soon.

Anyway, here's the gist of the NEW Luxola Indonesia:

  • Luxola Indonesia has its own domain now, so you go to instead of
  • Luxola now has a warehouse located in Indonesia, so all products you purchase from them are sent directly from their Indonesia warehouse, as opposed to before where your purchase were sent from Singapore Warehouse -> Indonesia Office -> Your Doorstep, which means a lot faster shipping time (Yay!!).
  • carries different products than Because Luxola Indonesia warehouse is still considerably new, some of the products available are different than the ones on (ie. you can't find Lime Crime & Sugarpill on Also, currently Luxola Indonesia carries fewer brands than Don't worry though, because they are working on bringing other brands available on to the Indonesia warehouse as well.
  • Various payment methods are available: Visa/Mastercard, BCA Klikpay, Mandiri Clickpay, Bank Transfer, and COD (Jabodetabek area). Ps. the last time I shopped there, BCA Klikpay is not available yet though.
  • Aforementioned faster delivery time. 

with Hema Mansukhani and Alexis. Both of them are so nice.
The event presentation actually only took about 10 to 15 minutes, and then they let us roamed around the booths again.

I was already finished exploring all the booths, so I went to get some finger food provided there.

I know this has nothing to do with beauty stuffs, but being a total glutton that I am, it's almost impossible to resist to take some photos of the food :p 

This one is some kind of meat (duck?chicken?) on a cracker.

Salmon on a toast
Yummy Chocolate Cake
After I stuffed my face with all the finger food (so proud of myself that I had managed to restraint myself from getting more food as I usually go out of control at any buffet-style eatery), I took more photos at the photo booth, chat a little bit, took the goodie bag (AWESOME goodie bag btw), and went home.

Anyway, a little side story, I waited for about an hour for Sam to pick me up and I was worried that he couldn't find me. I ran out of my phone battery some more. Luckily, when I asked the front security on where I can find a pay phone, he actually offered me to use his phone instead! So nice of him, isn't it? I'm forever grateful to him, because if I hadn't been able to call my mom (I don't remember Sam's number by heart lol), who knows how much longer I'd need to wait as it turned out Sam was waiting on the other part of the building. Faith in humanity restored.

Left: at the beginning of the event & Right: at the end of the event. It's not often that you go to an event and come home with a nicer look :)

The super awesome goodie bag :D Definitely going to review some of them!

Once again, thank you Luxola for having me there (and Herinta for inviting me)! It was a fun event.


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