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Monday, August 4, 2014

Clearing Out My Nail Polish Stash

A couple days ago was a lazying day for me since I finished and uploaded a new video on Youtube (It's a Beach Photo Collage DIY. Click  HERE to watch) and haven't recorded a new video to edit, so really, nothing to do. Plus, it's still Eid Mubarak holiday (today is the last day).  And just fyi, I'm also still on my summer break from school until mid september :D Too bad I have to work on my thesis so I still have to go to uni a couple times a week T___T.

Anyhoo, enough with the rambling. Basically since I have nothing to do for the rest of the day I decided to organize and clear out my nail polish stash! Something that I've been wanting to do but kept postponing it for the sake of my laziness lol. But seriously though, the thought of having to go through all the nail polishes, checking if it's still usable, and reviving the ones that still can survive with few drops of nail polish thinner just intimidate me. Again, with the babbler. Before I start blabbering again let's just start with the photos, shall we?

This is after I sorted out all my nail polishes by brand. It's no surprise though that Etude House is the dominating brand since that's my go to nail polish as of now (It's quite affordable, the quality is good, and has a really wide range of nice colors).

The second dominating ones are The Face Shop and Oriflame. I actually find The Face Shop nail polishes to be okay only (the cheapest range one) and much prefer Skin Food, but TFS is cheaper at that time when I went gaga over a sight of nail polish (I still am now, just on a much lower dosage).

As for Oriflame, I can say that it's an old favorite. Not because it has super awesome quality or anything like that (the quality is pretty decent), but because it's my first nail polish brand that I collect when I started getting into nail art. If you read my nail art related posts on my old blog HERE, you'll see that I used a lot of Oriflame products. My mom used to buy me some every month, so Oriflame nail polishes will alway have a soft spot in my heart *ciaaahh bahasanya*.

Also, I'm quite impressed that I have quite a number of Essence nail polishes, considering I got them only on 2 shopping trips (last year and this year) and comparing to, let say, my Revlon, where I more often frequenting the counter. I guess Essence just has a lot of nail polishes that caught my eyes (believe me, I've restraint myself from getting more on each of those 2 trips). You can get Essence now in Guardian Indonesia, but the price is rather ridiculous, so I myself not gonna even bother.

I think the next growing nail polish stash will be the Maybelline Color Show that just launched a couple months ago since they're affordable (I got them @Rp 23,000.00 each) and you know, new stuffs just always caught my attention. Speaking of new, Sephora is finally open in Plaza Indonesia!!! Ahhh, I can't wait to go there. I've been waiting forever for Sephora to open its door in Indonesia :)

This is the unusable stash that I'm gonna be throwing out. More than 50% of those are the super cheap, unbranded, and Pokari nail polishes though, so I don't feel really guilty about throwing them out (They are all already super sticky and unrevivable and some I've used up).

The other half are Etude House, TFS, Revlon, Oriflame, etc and almost all of them I have used up and the remaining I've used more than half before it became unusable.

I was planning to store them again according to brand, but after a second thought, it didn't make sense to store them like that since it's not gonna be any easier for me the next time I browse through them, so I finally decided to store them according to color.

It just makes it all visible to me. For example, I can know all my options when I want to search a red nail polish, because frankly, I really don't remember all the red (or any color for that matter) shades that I own and more often than not, some of them were forgotten since they got buried deep at the back. #nailpolishaddictproblem

So, yeah, I separate the reds, pinks, oranges/yellows, purples, nudes/browns, blues/greens, glitters, metallics, whites, blacks, topcoats/basecoats/treatments.

I jumbled up some (like blue and green) for the sake of space and sometimes for color like bluish mint, I don't know if I should put it together with blue or green lol.

I used folded aluminium foil to separate each color, because..well, no reason really, it was just what I can find at that moment hehe. The good thing though, aluminium foil is pliable, so it makes the separation space much more flexible than if I had used something like wood plank. The bad thing is, well, it's not really good to look at. At least it works, no?

So this is how I store my nail polishes as of now, just on one of those 4-tier drawer. I know this is not the best way to store a nail polish because it's all jumbled up like that and it's better to store nail polishes up right. Heck, this kind of organization isn't even pretty to look at. But, this is all I can do for right now since I have limited space. I have thought of a nice way to store nail polishes, but that required much more space, so maybe in the future :)

take care,
xoxo Lily


  1. Me too. I prefer SF nail polishes (nice colour) but if hv to compared... I really think that TFS nail polishes can keep longer fpr years. SF easily become sticky and dry, btw the brush is too thin. Now I'm planning to collect etude house play collection.

    1. I actually like the formula of SF nail polishes better than TFS. Somehow SF one gives a smoother finish (and less strokey). Yeah, for the brush I also prefer something wide like the Etude House's old Dear My Deep Color Nails collection. YESSS!! I'm dying to collect the Etude House Play, but have to kept telling myself that I don't need it and I don't have anymore space to store them in #nailpolishaddictproblem lol