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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Yes, I love Chick-Flicks ♥

I've loved chick-flicks since.. I don't know.. E V E R.

But, since I moved to Jakarta, I kinda abandoned my love for it and prefer TV Show like HIMYM, Vampire's Diaries, The Big Bang Theory, etc instead.

And after watching Bridesmaids, The Vow and This Means War last few days, Oh my, I instantly falling head over toe for chick flicks again!!!!

Being a teenager, my hormones kinda force me to love light movies with cheesy lines about love and any movie that promoting and flaunting forever and ever love in the air.

I'm gonna watch "Horrible Bosses" soon, simply because it has Jennifer in it, just like I watched Bridesmaids simply because it has Britney's song in it ;)

Turns out, horrible bosses isn't a chick flick. Didn't know -___-". But It is a good movie and very entertaining and funny.

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