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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Get well soon, lappie~

I'm not sure if I'm gonna be able to upload the second video of this month T.T

The thing is, a couple days ago I spilled water over my laptop when I tried to open the bottle wtf. And now the keyboard won't work!! Luckily, my parents was coming to visit me, so they brought my laptop back to Jogja to get it serviced in Asus center *fingercrossed the guarantee still works >.<*

What this has got to do with the video?
Well, actually I have the video files with me, because I always save my stuffs in external hard disk, but!! I haven't finished editing them T.T. My dad lent me his laptop meanwhile, but I'm 100% sure this laptop cannot do the editing (plus it doesn't have the software and I don't have the master with me), or if it does, it would take ages!!

Sooo, yeah, no second video for this month.

Despite my laptop accident, I'm really happy though this past couple days 'cos I got to meet my little brother, mom and dad, and my grandma and spent time with them!! Oh!! and my food cabinet got stocked up! ^^


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