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Friday, April 13, 2012

The Face Shop Mini Haul

Yesterday I went to Living World to grab supper with Sam, 'cause the conton bay there have this promotion where you buy 1 portion of porridge, you'll get another one for free!! so each will only have to pay for 10k or less!! IKR??!!

But, I think the promotion only available at noon or morning, so we walked around to find another place to eat and pass The Face Shop.

Being a total nail polish freak (which is very very unhealthy for my money), I just can't pass the shop just like that, I have to see what they have in stock. And, as I predicted they have new stocks of nail polishes!
WHYYYYYYYY *scream in silence*

EVERY single time I go there to actually buy some nail polishes (when I already save some money), there are only a few colors or I don't really like the stocks they have at the moment. BUT, if I just pass the shop while walking with friends, they ALWAYS have a lot of new stocks and a lot of colors I like wtf.

Anyway, I decided to go eat first at Solaria, then doing calculation to my allowance and decide whether I'm gonna buy some nail polishes or not. *Had noodles chicken katsu with teriyaki sauce which was yuuuums!!*

Anyway, decided that I've been a good girl this month and haven't taken any money out from the bank and only use the card once for grocery, so I bought some. yaaaayyy me!

This is just a mini haul also, but they're gonna have a clearance sale pretty soon, so I'm gonna have some great loot there. So freaking excited! *yup, I'm easy to please*

PP402, RD302,BL601,BR802
I've been trying to expand my pink and red nail polishes, because I used to dislike those color of polishes, but now I think both are basic color, so yup.

I think if you want a good quality nail polish with a medium range of price so it won't totally make you broke, TFS and Etude House is way to go*.

I already did a little review on Etude Nail polish before, because that was the first time I tried Etude, but I'm not gonna do review on TFS 'cos I've been using them for quite some time and I kept buy again.

Color wise, TFS have a much much wider variety, but price wise Etude is cheaper by 4k*, but the content of course is more than Etude also.

I love them both equally! Or maybe TFS just a little more, but Etude has this topcoat that I looooovee.

TFS = @32K*
Etude = @28k*

*For the type I bought which are the cheapest of all the types. TFS has a really really gorgeous color for their higher price nail polishes. Never tried it, too expensive.

If you buy 4 nail polishes you get 1 free nail sticker. It used to be you get 1 free nail polish from other type which has the same price, but not as opaque. I guess they discontinue that type 'cos I've never seen it again. Oh, well, nail sticker is better than nothing, right? ^^

//price in IDR

have a great day xoxo

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