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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Lolabox September 2013 Review

Hi guys!!

So, here's the gist, I'm not going to do a review video on Lolabox like last month because I don't have the time film it until the end of this week, and by then, I thought it will be kinda irrelevant, so I decided to do a blog post on it instead.

I received the box on September 14th, which was quicker than last months', which arrived on August 19th. I think they shipped the boxes earlier?

Now, in this post I'm gonna show you the goodies inside the box, a quick review of each product, and the value of the box.

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Before we got into the INSIDE of the box, I wanna state how gorgeous this month's box is. It's in pearlescent light lavender.

I've seen all the boxes from previous months and by far this is my most favorite one. The material is also very durable and quite nice quality, bundle it together with the stunning color, this box definitely has some "luxurious" feel to it. I'm impressed.

A sneak peek inside the box. Everything is wrapped nicely with a peach tissue paper and orange ribbon.

As usual, you get a card with the theme and list of products in the back. And this month's theme is Beauty Essential.

After impressing me with the box, Lolabox continues the surprise with the envelope. Yes, the envelope. Last month's envelope is a plain regular white envelope, but this month it's a thicker peach material with an embossed details. I'm definitely gonna reuse it lol. I love the little details like this.

If you watch my last month's video, I mentioned that I was kinda bummed I didn't get any vouchers (I'm a voucher hoarder hehe), so this month I'm so glad I got 2 vouchers :D  15% off Luxola and Rp 50,000.00 off Skin Food (with minimum purchase of Rp 300,000.00).

P.S. I don't think I'm gonna use my Skin Food voucher, so if you want it let me know in the comment below or email me at, I'll send it to you :)

Alrighty, into the products now :3

The Face Shop Real Nature Mask Aloe Vera

Full-size: 20g (Rp 24,900.00)
In the Box: full-size

I'm a sheet mask addict, so I'm happy to receive this. As far as how the quality of this sheet mask goes, I haven't tried it yet. BUT! I've tried other korean brand sheet masks and some other non-korean drugstore brands and the result is not that different. They usually moisturizes your skin and giving it a healthy glow, then your skin feels so soft and fresh afterward. Nothing super ah-mazing, but a nice add on to your skin care regime every now and then.

J.F. Lazartigue Soy Milk Strengthening Shampoo

Full-size: 200ml (Rp 460,000.00) / 400ml (Rp 640,000.00)
In the Box: 15ml (Rp 24,000.00)

This is actually the first I hear about this brand and I'm gonna say that this is definitely a high-end brand by the bizarre pricing for a shampoo. It's definitely not something I will purchase on my own (unless I start growing money on trees), so it's nice that they added this to the box for us to try.

I read reviews about this and they are mostly positive ones. This product is said to be a very targeted product to your specific hair problem and it actually works great (I guess price don't lie). Plus, It's paraben-free ;)

Makeover Lip Balm Lip Nutrion in "Orange Crush"

Full-size: 3.8gr (Rp 35,000.00)
In the Box: full-size

Even though it's bright orange in the pot, which I was really excited about because I looove me some orange tinted lip balm, but it actually a sheer lip balm and does not have any tint whatsoever as far as I know. Still, it does what a lip balm should does. I've been using it since I received my lolabox, it moisturizes my lips and helps my horribly chapped lips. It also gives a little bit of "plump" healthy look to your lips. On the side note, it has those artificial orange soda scent, which I actually don't mind.

Skin Food Omija Whitening Gift Set (Emulsion & Toner)

Emulsion 155ml (Rp 483,000.00)
Toner 155ml (Rp 483,000.00)
In the Box:
Emulsion 5ml (Rp 15,580.00)
Toner 5ml (Rp 15,580.00)

This is my least favorite items on this month's box. Mainly because I'm not interested in whitening product. I love brightening skin care, but whitening is just not my cup of tea. It's a personal preference though. Other thing is, 5ml probably will only last you 2 to 3 uses, but nonetheless it's still a decent sample size and I'm still grateful I got this one because I know there are others getting the skin food grape line and they were only 2 petty little sachet samples (I don't think those sachet sample really worth what I'm paying for).

Sleek Eye Dust in "Scuba"

Full-size: 6.5gr (Rp 40,000.00)
In the Box: full-size

This is definitely my favorite in this box (Makeover lip balm is a close second). Scuba is a beautiful shimmery blue-ish emerald eye pigment and it's really pigmented (swatch above is only 1 swipe). The con is probably quite a lot of fall out.

Beauty Experts' Pick:
Every month Lolabox include a beauty experts' pick which usually is a beauty tool. This month you get 2 items.

I've used this to pluck my eyebrows and it works just fine.

This make-up pouch is actually a quite nice quality, not those cheapo ones that'll rip apart on you after a few uses. My mom actually really like this pouch :p

I really like the pick for this month (I also liked last month's).


Lolabox Price: Rp 145,000.00
The Box's Value: Rp 155,060.00 + however much the tweezer's and make-up pouch's cost

In the Box: 7 Items (3 full-size, 2 decent sample size, 2 beauty tools)

So you get more than what you paid for even though not by much. And although last month's value is almost twice the lolabox price, I still like this months' a lot more because last months' box filled with sachet samples and itty bitty samples lol (Only 1 full-size). I also like the products in this months' box more :)

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night, xoxo

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