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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Pre-Birthday Dinner | Sushi Tei Yogyakarta

This is a little family dinner on 26th of December to celebrate my birthday a bit since on the day itself (27th) we have wedding invitation and the actual birthday dinner will be on 29th to wait for Sam to arrive. I decided on sushi tei because I love sushi so much and on your birthday week you get a complimentary birthday sushi!

My get up for the night, wish I'd have put more effort into it, but it was just a casual family dinner so I didn't even bother hehe.

Played domino
Do you know that the refillable cold ocha and hot ocha is actually FREE? 

I didn't know this until a few visits ago before this one. I have always ordered a cold ocha every time I went to Sushi Tei, but never noticed that it wasn't billed. On one of the visit sometimes ago I actually noticed that our drinks weren't on the bill and thought it was a mistake, so I asked the waiter and he told me that Ocha has always been a complimentary here since ever O.O. Before I knew this, Sam didn't order drink on one of our visit because he want to save money and when I told him later that the ocha is free he was pissed off lol.

Inari Sushi
I always always order this when I eat here. Sooo sooo good!!

Agedashi Tofu

Baby Octopus
 This is my brothers'. I actually really like baby octopus sushi, but eating it on its own creeps me out.

Salmon Hana Ikura

I don't remember the name of this one and it was my first time trying this. It is rice ball filled with cheese and wrapped with thinly sliced teriyaki beef. So so only. Not gonna order this again.

Chicken Katsu

Okasama Sushi Set
MORE inari suhi :D :D :D And see that white sushi thingy behind the inari? It's scallop sushi and it is so freaking yummy. My new favorite sushi. The roe sushi wasn't that good though.

Crunchy Lobster Roll
This one is my absolute favorite sushi roll! Definitely give this one a try!! Anyway, I am curious why the crunchy lobster roll here in Jogja is bigger than the one in Flavor Bliss. The one from flavor bliss is so itty bitty :(

Birthday Sushi
This is probably the most nearly decent photo in this post. I don't even remember the filling of the birthday sushi, but it was so so. I'm fine with it though since it's free and adorable :3

Had lots of fun and really full that night!

P.s. Do you know the complimentary candy you get when you pay at Sushi Tei's cashier? I loveee them. What is the brand name of that candy? It looks like mentos, but taste a bit like relaxa. I always get at least 4 of them haha

xoxo, Lily

Sushi Tei Yogyakarta
Jalan Gejayan
Komplek Colombo No. 9
T: (62274) 552 637
F: (62274) 552 637

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