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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

NEW (ish) Layout!!

Alrighty, the reason I haven't been blogging this month (aside from my lazy-ass habit - exhibit A: this post has been on my draft for probably around 3 weeks) is because I wanted to revamp this blog's layout a bit before posting anything new. So I did. I worked on it for about almost a week in between classes (and movies and TV series -I'm addicted to Revenge now-) and I'm finally happy with it after changing it TONS of times.

If you went to my blog before this post up you'll see that something in my blog, be it the header, background, color,etc, is changing for every minute or so because I honestly always having a hard time deciding these things so I have to go back and forth to make sure which one do I like the best.

Now I'm gonna go through a little bit about a changes I made :)

Top: before; Bottom: after
For the header, the actual pictures actually stay the same, only thing I did was adding the twirly border. The twirly border actually the only thing that take quite some time (about a couple hours), but I think it's so worth it!

This part actually doesn't change other than the reduce opacity on the white background.

Added a lace pic under blog post title. No specific purpose, just thought it'd be cute hehe.

Finally added a "Profile/About Me" on the sidebar :D Have been planning to add it since a year ago but never got around to actually do it. The social media buttons I made was actually my Human Computer Interaction class assignment and I couldn't be bothered to make different ones for this blog, so I just use these. It's good enough for me.

And the last tweaks that I did is for the sidebar, basically I just grouped all the labels together and make it more organized. This one took the longeeest since I have to re-label all my posts, but in the end I'm really happy with it because now it's waaay easier to find certain things. I'm really into organizing like that lol, which is weird because I don't like to organize my day, stuffs that I need do, etc, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE organizing my stuffs a certain way.

Anyway, new label, Beauty label will be coming soon once I've had maybe 5 or so beauty related posts ;)

So that's all I hope you like the new(ish) layout as much as I do and Merry (belated) Christmas and Happy (also belated) New Year!! Hope you have fun and great year ahead of you!!

xoxo, Lily

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