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Sunday, August 19, 2012

My Nail Parlor Corner 1.0

Ok, so I just bought some little boxes and organized the desk on my little nail art corner, so I decided to do a tour kinda blog post on where I usually do my nails ;)


(this post has been on hold for like 4 days now -___-", so now I'm gonna continue)

Okay dokay~

FIRST!! The overview ;)

Yes, when I say little nail art corner, I literally mean little corner.

p.s. please ignore the hanger on the floor there.

Underneath the table I have some magazines and the handycam I used for filming tutorial.

I'm not going into details with the side because it's super messy and I haven't found a way to organize with this small space yet. Basically I have all my nail polishes in that brown box (it was a shoes box), my nail art accessories (rhinestone, stripping tape, pearls, etc) in the gold box (it was a mooncake box), and between them are acrylic paints, palette, and little container.

On the side note, if you have mooncake boxes, utilize them as containers, they're usually very pretty!!!

And now, the table, which basically is the reason I wanted to do this post in the first place...

Cos I just organized them and just got those fuschia boxes and hamtaro containers for such a great great deal!!

I bought it at a japanese store, similar to Daiso, only in this one the price vary. And they have section for things that are on sale. I think I got the hamtaro for 50% off and the fuschia for 30% off. The total only cost me IDR 30k (less than $3)!!!

Now, let's go into more details :D

Right : Little boxes I made using wrapping paper, little plate and lit I used for my acrylic paint.

Middle : Nail care (nails/hands cream, nail butter, nail nourishing stuff, orange stick).

Left : Pedi kit (foot bath, exfoliator, pumice, bath salt).

Selotape tuck between the fuschia box and purple one.

Purple box : nail polish removers (yes, I have 5 bottles of them lol), big tube of white acrylic paint, water spray for when I use acrylic paint, more nail polish remover in little bottle (never use them though), and the salon shaper (only use them once!! such a waste -__-". I might revisit them again for my money sake haha).

Oh! Oh! The nail polish remover in the bottle with white lit is milk-scented!! Neat or what! Never really use them though. I bought in Singapore for like S$1 or a little bit more.

And the clear glass container beside it actually a lipstick container, so it has all this separator thing which is p.e.r.f.e.c.t to store nail art brushes, dotting tools, nail buffer, nail clipper, orange stick, tweezer, cotton bud, etc~~

And isn't that hamtaro container sooooo cuteee???!!

There was a fuschia one, but I hesitate to buy them, so I put them back and went around the store, when I decided to buy them, they were already gone T.T, so I bought this gold and green one.

I use it to store my cottonpads and aluminium foil :D

Before I bought them, I store my cottonpads and aluminium foil in this little boxes I made using wrapping paper, which obviously cannot hold as much, so I'm so so so happy with this finding ^^

And that should end my nail corner tour :)

I know the writing in this post seemed very rushed, that's because I'm super sleepy and I don't want to put this post on hold for another day and since it's been 3 days since I initially made this post I get kinda bored and didn't really have the mood to make them more, well, decent :p

anyhoo, good night xoxo

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