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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Seriously drooling for...


*look look! my font color even all matchy matchy with the pink one*

It's basically iphone 5 without the telephone, massages -anything that has to do with simcard and cell radio-, and 8MP camera (this one is 5MP) and the price is half the iphone 5!!

I definitely don't really need the telephoney thing because I have my trusty blackberry and I really really don't like typing my sms on screen (I like me some keypad please!!), and definitely can make peace with 5MP camera, because, let's face it, iphone have a sucky camera and just not supposed to make good photos.

I mainly want it for the apps which I think some of them really helpful!!

Anyone wanna chip in and buy me one?lol *wink wink*

have a nice day xoxo

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