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Monday, October 1, 2012

DIY(sorta) - Make-up Brushes Holder

 I don't even think that this is a DIY entry (hence the title), but..oh, well :p

I loooovee looking at it!! So pretty and sparkly *-* 

The (sorta) DIY part!

You'll need:
  • Clear glass
  • Crystal pebbles

  • Just fill the glass with the crystal pebbles (I used combination of small purple and big clear one)
  • Put your brushes/anything-you-want in.


Haha I know I know, you must be thinking like "wtf??!! Do you call this a DIY tutorial??!!@#*#$!"

But still, I think it made an utterly cute brush-holder.


It's so freaking cheap to put together!!

The glass only cost me 6k, the pebbles thingy is actually for aquarium decoration. They cost around 5k-10k, I think.

So, in total, much much less than 20k = LESS THAN $2!!
(And I still have quite a lot of the leftover crystal pebbles)

Gotta love that, right? <3

Okay then, byebye xoxo

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