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Sunday, November 11, 2012

♥ October 2012 Favourites ♥

Hi loves!!!

In this post, I just want to share things I discovered and have been loving in month of October.

Scented Candles

I've been wanting to try scented candles since a long long time ago, but they were so damn expensive. Anyway, I decided to bought Yankee's Midsummer Night and Candle-lite's Fresh Melon Slice last month and I fell in LOVE!!

I became obsessed with scented candles wtf and they're downright bad for my wallet -___-".

Nevertheless, when I almost burned out my candles, I went ahead and bought candles again, this time in bigger jar, Yankee's Macintosh (10% off) and Candle-lite's Ocean Blue Mist (20% off). And they smelled soooo good!! I've been saving these 2 candles 'cos I'm not planning to buy anymore candle anytime soon.

The Body Shop - Spa Wisdom Morocco Orange Blossom Finishing Mist

Okay, this is purely a coincidental buy. TBS had a sale where you buy 2 products for only a price of 1 product or something like that. And there 3 types of products for this sale, 2 body lotion and 1 body mist. 

I bought the lemon body lotion (which is the product I was initially so excited for) and this body mist, just because I didn't like the other body lotion. 

I really wasn't expecting to like this body mist so much 'cos I don't really like the smell of their Spa Wisdom Morocco line products. BUT!! This finishing mist smelled so fresh, citrusy and light. For uni, I don't feel like wearing eau de perfume that has "heavier" smell, so this body mist is perfect! Plus, I got it on sale lol.

Infact, this has been my go to product everytime I go to uni for the last month (until now) and the lemon body lotion, which is the product I really wanted initially, I haven't really used. I think I've only used it like once or twice.

Lauren Conrad's L.A. Candy

I haven't finished reading it yet (p.200ish now), but I'm loving it so far. It's easy to read and quite entertaining. I bring this book with me everytime I go and know I'll have some times to kill.

That's all the things I've been loving for the October <3

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