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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Yes, I'm a sucker for cute packaging

It's pouring rain right now with some pretty big thunder and I'm craving for a piping hot cocoa but too lazy to go downstairs and make it lol.

Oh, and my modem is very slow because of the rain (it's still as fast as my old modem at it's best though), but I looove rain -minus the thunder-. The thought of getting all bundled up and cozy and sipping a cup of nice hot cocoa while reading a book. Hmm, that's the dream ♥

But I can't really do that because I'm currently in the middle of mid exam. Yeah, I'm still blogging though. That is so typical me, always want to blog when I have something more important to do and decide don't want to blog when I literally have zero thing to do.

Okay, enough rambling and let's cut to the chase (I feel like in one those action movie where I'm being all fierce and cool every time I use that phrase. I know, I'm lame.).

Moving on.

You know what?I'm going to make me some hot cocoa right now and watch friends and continue this entry later or tomorrow. xoxo


I finished my hot cocoa, watched an episode of friends, read blogs, reviewed my calculus II a bit and now I'm going to continue this entry :)

So the other day I went for some grocery shopping and other stuffs.

And did I mention that grocery shopping is my most favorite kind of shopping?? Yes, it is. I'm getting all excited every time I go for grocery shopping and I can spend hours in a supermarket just looking through all the products (again, I know, I'm lame. Get over it.).

As I was paying at the cashier, I realized that 90% of things that I bought, I bought that particular brand because I think the packaging is, well, for lack of a more sophisticated word, cute.

I know, I bought things because the packaging is cute. No, not the actual thing in it -which will make more sense, I guess?-, but the packaging. Even I, judge myself and expect something more.

Let's go over the damage control :

1) Dua Belibis Ketchup - because it has a freakin' mickey slapped on the bottle. I usually buy the Del Monte one, but this one has mickey!! How adorable is that??!! At the cashier, the employee even thought that it was a shampoo bottle.

2) Kotex Sanitary Pad - tmi alert. I've never leaned to any particular brand for this category before, but I don't think I've ever tried Kotex. So, yeah, the packaging is all cute and nice, but when I open it at home, it has purple hearts print on the pad (I was gonna post the picture of it too, but then it will be too tmi)!! Okay, so this one, I actually bought it because of the thing in it too! But then again, I think to myself, WHY on earth would I need a pad with purple heart prints on it???!!! Yes, I just post my sanitary pad for the whole world to see. Good job me *pat own head*.

3) Vivelle Hello Kitty Hand Wash - this one is kinda impulse buy because it wasn't on the list, but I was planning to get some hand wash at some point -because I cannot keep using shampoo as hand wash-, so it wasn't so bad getting it after all. Plus, you know, it has hello kitty on it :p.

4) Cussons Wet Wipes - by any means, I do not need another pack of wet wipes for at least a half of year. I've stocked up mine with the one from carrefour (another damage because of hello kitty and keropi packaging -___-"). But this one is so cheap and it is strawberry-scented and melon-scented, so I thought, you know what, you'll always need wet wipes and it practically can keep for a very long period of time, why not stock up some more? *bang head on the wall* 

5) Scanpan Santoku Knife (& knife sharpener) - why? because it's purple. My favourite color. Even right now I'm trying to make my bedroom into some kind of place where barney has been puked all over it. But in my defense, it was a good deal. If I buy the knife(cost 120k idr), I get the sharpener(cost 150k idr) for free. And I've been trying to find a knife sharpener anyway. Of course if I buy just any sharpener it would cost a LOT less than 120k idr, but the knife is actually really good. I love it and I can't wait to cook more with it. They said that this brand is the one who sponsored Masterchef Aussie.

6)Scotch Glue Stick - It's purple. Purple glue stick. I officially love 3M ♥♥♥

I'm done with the damage control. See? See? I can get so caught up when I do grocery shopping it becomes dangerous (okay, ridiculous might be the right word for it).

I'm going to buy ground beef tomorrow for spaghetti bolognese, let's hope I don't get all cray cray over packaging again.

Okay, bye xoxo

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