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Monday, April 8, 2013

Ofuku Kesho Shop Experience

I said on my ranting about lynlynshoppaholic that I've found other online shop, but my orders hadn't come yet, so I can't say much :x

Well, my orders finally came a couple days ago :D

Okay let me give you a background story here.

I've known Ofuku Kesho shop since the end of January and I placed my order on March 15th.

Ofuku Kesho shop provides both ready stock items and pre-order items. This time, I decided to do pre-order, because the items that I wanted were out of stock. (She gives information on the web if the items were out of stock, which I think is great, because we don't have to waste our time asking her ourselves whether the items in stock or not)

First, I asked via BBM how to pre-order and she replied quickly how, so after that I immediately email her my orders. A couple hours after that I already got my order confirmation email. In the email, she also attached the complete list of korean products I can pre-order (I think it's a plus, because it's easier to find what products I want to order the next time, also the list is more complete).

After that I transferred my down payment and confirmed it. I confirmed around 5 or 6 p.m., which was already out of business hour, but she still reply at midnight lolol.

It usually took 3 up to 4 weeks for the order to come. On April 4th, I got an email telling me my items were ready, so mine took a little less than 3 weeks. She emailed me that in the afternoon, I transferred the remaining payment at 3.40 p.m. and I got reply shortly afterward saying the order will be sent that day!! I thought my order will be sent the next day cause it was already evening o.O I was so impressed by the customer service!!

Anyway, my order came in on April 6th...

Only took 2 days to come :D It was a free shipping using JNE REG. You get a free shipping if you order more than 250k idr (if I'm not mistaken, don't quote me on this).

And this is what surprised me the most..

JENG JENG JENG *drumroll please*


I didn't even know I'm gonna get free samples when I ordered.

I only read about the samples on her blog a couple days before my order came and I thought not all orders will get one, so what are the chances I actually got 5?! I was so excited I actually squealed when I saw the samples lol.

I know, I know, they're only samples, but I'm a female. And as a force of nature, I'm supposed to be eager toward free and discounted stuffs, right? ;)

Yup, I used the wrapping as background lol

Of course, the items, which I already blogged about yesterday :D

Anyway, those weren't all the items I ordered, the others were out of stock from where she ordered (I don't know where. Korea, I think?), so I BBMed her asking if I was to pre-order again, is there a chance that the items will be available by that time. Please note here that I sent the BBM on a Saturday at 6 p.m. (Business hour is Mon-Fri 09.00-16.00), so I expected the reply will be on Monday, right? But she actually replied a couple minutes after that.

In summary, they have wide-range of products, the price is also very good (among the cheapest ones I've seen), and the customer service is very nice and polite, definitely great. I highly recommend them :D


Okayy, I just have an "OH WOW" moment here!! I was just about to write that I actually have placed my second order this evening around 4.30 p.m. and I thought I'm gonna get reply tomorrow of course 'coz it's not business hour anymore, but I actually just got my order confirmation a minute ago!! So good right the timing?!

I really have nothing but praise here. I know it seems like an advertorial here, but this is 100% my honest opinion and someone actually asked me what is the name of the online shop that I talked about, so here you go :D.

To be fair, I actually tried to order in the end of January and she didn't reply, but I think it was just a mix-up or the email didn't get sent to her (cause there was no automatic response. There are usually automatic response once your email is received) or some sort of like that.

Go ahead and check for yourself. Their website is on maintenance though at the moment. I think they just changed domain or something else and there are only a few items that already uploaded. Maybe you can email and ask for the list of the items? :)

Okay, now I'm done sharing my experience on Ofuku Kesho :D

--edit on 27th of October 2013--

P.S. The reason why I kept pointing out that they still reply even though it's not business hours anymore is because I was really happy that I got reply after I ordered from LynLynshoppaholic where they barely reply to me at all. I really appreciated that Keshoshop took the effort to reply even though it's not their work time, that's all.

I think now they reply almost on work hours only which is totally their privilege. I just don't want you guys to expect them to reply when it's actually their time to relax because of my experience here haha. Anyway, still loving their customer service. Their website is up and running now. Just go to There are not tons of ready-stock items, but I do prefer pre-order since I will have an entire choice of products from whatever brand they do PO on (email them to get the full list of USA & Korean products you can pre-order). Also, recently they increased some of their prices (my favorite etude house dear my deep color nail went from 28k to 35k T.T, the laneige water sleeping pack really took a hike from 260k to 312k o.O).


  1. Mau sharing aja.
    Aq dulu pernah beli di kesho lancar banget...
    Tahun 2014 aq order PO dan udah bayar DP 350.000 tapi sampai 3 bulan g ada kabar barang datang atau engggak.
    Di email dan di sms g ada jawaban...
    Bnyk comment di instagram kesho minta uang di kembalikan...akhirnya aq minta uangku di kembalikan..tapi g ada jawaban..sampe sebulan lebih akhirnya di balas " dia minta no rek aq" sesudah di kasih sampai seminggu g ada kabar dan di hubungi udah g bisa...
    Uangku hilang 350.000 berkat Kesho Shop..
    Thx kesho shop penipu

    1. Sis, ini olshopnya juga udah tutup ya? Apa buyer lain juga banyak yg ngalamin hal yg sama. Aku di bogor dulu pernah belanja langsung ke kesho, kalau banyak yg ketipu gini mungkin saya bisa bantu kasih info yg saya tau

    2. So so sorry for your experience. Aku udah lama banget sih ga beli Kesho shop, udah hampir 2 taon mungkin, jadi aku kurang tau gimana kualitasnya sekarang. Tapi waktu dulu aku masih sering PO di sana memang service nya oke banget. Semoga dikembaliin ya uangnya :)