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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Monthly Montages - July

Man, my posts lately have been nothing but monthly montages. Not going to blame you if you're bored. I mean, I myself will be if all there's to read are a string of monthly montages. Still, I'm going to do the July's monthly montages as a digital diary :)

  • Went to Jember in early July. Look at how freaking adorable my cousin is. His face is so innocent, act like have no sin one haha. Also remind me a lot of Shoalin kids with that super chinese face and bald look lol
  • Also went to my grandpa's farm and picked some over ripened eggplant. That's my brother showcasing our loot :p
  • Saw this on 9gag and laughing my ass off
  • Hakata Ikkousha, my fav ramen, finally open in Jogja!! Too bad the one there is halal only, so no pork ramen. The chicken broth is still super awesome though, just no as rich.

  • My first time voting for presidential election :D
  • Pesto pasta from Nanny's Pavillon Jogja. I remembered it to be mediocre when Sam ordered it in Nanny's Pavillon Flavor Bliss, but this one really good!
  • Successfully made my first molten lava cake! Used EntertainingWithBeth's recipe. Her recipes that I've tried really are fool-proof.
  • Made "Bakwan Jagung" (corn fritter?)! My favorite "gorengan" (fritter?). I like ones with lots of corn and more on the thinner and crispier side. The one I made is cheat one though, out of a box haha (I used Mamasuka), but they were still so freaking delicious. The best bakwan jagung I've ever tried!

  • Got these unique earcuff from Berrybenka. Haven't had a chance to use it though.
  • Met up with my middle schools friends. It's been around 4 years I think since I have met them, so happy to be reunited!
  • Breakfast in bed for my mom's birthday :D
  • Made funnel cake using Laura Vitale's recipe. It's good. It was my firs time eating funnel cake and it tasted like crispy powder sugar donut!

  • Ice creams from Mary Anne's. 
  • Also from Mary Anne's. I don't remember the flavors of these though. I think I had Banana Nutella, Nutella Cheesecake, Baileys, and the other one I forgot.
  • Finally tried spam musubi!!! Have been wanting to try it for years, but couldn't find it anywhere. This one is from a Hawaiian Resto in Central Park (don't remember the name). It was good, but the spam is too thin though, like almost crispy thin :(
  • First meal I cooked at the new place. Instant ramyeon haha. Look at that perfectly poached egg though!

  • Sam trying out the jacket I got him for his birthday <3
  • Finally went to see the fault in our starts. Thank God it's still on after about a month since its premier. I refused to watch the movie before I read the book, so finally read it when I got back from Jogja and finished it in 3 or 4 days I think. That's fast for me, I usually took weeks to finish a book because I pace it out slowly.
  • FOTD for Sam's birthday dinner :)
  • First breakfast I made at the new place. Beautiful, fluffy scrambled eggs, toast, and cheese sausage. Yum!
And that's a wrap! take care, xoxo

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