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Thursday, November 13, 2014

September Haul!

I've never done a full haul post (at least I don't think I have), but lately haul post has been my favorite (especially Mindy's haul), so I thought I'll do my own haul post. Plus, September was definitely a splurge month for me.

I'm also thinking of doing this haul post monthly to help keep track of my spending.

Anhyhoo, let's just start with the haul, shall we?


Luxola has been having TONS of sales because of their recent launch and I couldn't just pass up this opportunity to grab some things that I've been wanting - I also happened to have Rp 200,000 voucher and they had Rp 200,000 promo code, so yes, I used both.

I got the Real Technique duo-fibre brush set, Beauty Blender, and Real Technique beauty sponge (supposed to be a great beauty blender dupe). I was so excited to finally try the super famous beauty blender! Yes, it's as good as it's been raved about. I really love the finish it gives to my skin, almost kinda flawless in a way. Haven't tried the RT one, gonna try it when my beauty blender is no more (which I really hope will at least still be another 6 months) :)

The Body Shop

The Body Shop was having they anniversary sale last September, both online and in-store (different promo each). Since it's not often that TBS has that big of a sale, I of course, had to snatch a few things.

Those 2 on top I got online. Chocomania body scrub for 30% off and the Spa Fit Firming & Toning gel for 60% off (!!!). The spa fit range has been one of things I want to try from TBS, but damn, they're pretty steep (compared to other TBS items), so I'm happy with this loot. Also wanted to get the Spa Fit scrub, but I waited too long (took me 2 days to finally decide which items I wanna buy lolol) and it was already sold out :(

This is the ones I got in-store. I had been wanting to get the whole range of the Chocomania line ever since I tried the body shower (Birthday Gift for being a member).

Anyway, in-store there were promo for either 48% off or 58% off, I don't remember, but it was around half-off for sure, if you have the member card. There were certain time frame for this promo though, and when I was at the store in TA, the promo didn't start in like another 50 minutes or so, so I just decided to go home and come back 2 days after (last day of the anniversary sale). Little did I know, they shifted the types of promo everyday (or every other day, not sure), so when I came back two days later the promo has been changed to 30% off *sigh*. Should've just waited for that 50 minutes. I mean, 30% off is really not bad, but you know human nature, I'm just greedy and wanted the half-off hehe.


Pictures credit to Zalora

I have been obsessed with Zalora since July this year. I think it starts to replace Berrybenka as my top destination for online fashion shop (I still love Berrybenka though - it's more affordable)! That's huge considering a lot of my stuffs since last year has been from Berrybenka. 

Except for metallic skater skirt, I've used the rest. You can see I wore that monochrome sheer tank HERE, I paired it with a skirt and it turned into a full party dress for a wedding. My favorite buy would be the faux leather skater skirt though, it is so versatile and a must-have staple your wardrobe!


 Pictures credit to Berrybenka

Out of all the items that I got here, I actually only had worn that peach stripy sweater. A note on this sweater: I bought it already on sale, but then after a few days they cut the price in half wtf.

This is why I tend to shop at Zalora more now, because even though the price is more expensive (I buy the ones on sale though lol #cheapskate), I'm more likely to wear the items that I got since I actually like them and not just an impulse buy caused by cheap price like in some cases of my Berrybenka purchases, namely this September's purchase. I still love and will continue to shop at Berrybenka though :p can't help myself..

That's all for my shoppping in September! See you at the end of this month for another haul :D

xoxo, Lily


  1. the black pants look good. love it!

    1. I haven't worn it until now x_x totally an impulse buy!