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Friday, January 2, 2015

A Break from Youtube + Food Poisoning | What a Post to Start 2015 ♡

Going to start this post by saying HAPPY FREAKING NEW YEAR!!! to all of you who are kind enough to be willing to read this rarely-updated space I call my personal blog (or is it maybe you just have some time to waste on your hand?lol).

Moving on.

I see most bloggers do this kinda "2014 Summary" sort-of thing and I think that's a great way to recollect all the things you have done/not done or accomplished, see if you're satisfied with you did in 2014, what you wish you had did/didn't do, and all that sappy stuffs to better yourself in 2015.

Myself personally? I don't think I'm gonna do any of those post, not because I don't want to, but mainly because I don't think I blogged often enough in 2014 to summarize them into a consolidated blogpost of my 2014 lol. Anyway, I'll try to dig deep into my entries, photos, etc lah to see maybe I can scrape up some stuffs enough to make one of those post.

Totally unrelated, but on 30th (3 days ago) I got food poisoning wtf. My first time got food poisoning too (YAY, I guess? For "firsts" milestone). Until today I still don't know what gave me that food poisoning -___-

Anyway, my mom got me this antibiotic right to calm my stomach and to churn out the poison, so for the next 2 days I've been spewing like a fire hydrant. I can poop 4 to 5 times a day O.o TMI? Too graphic? Sorry, sorry, for putting that image in your head haha. Oh, you didn't imagine it, but now you do that I mention it? Sorry again lah =X Here, here go google unicorn poop instead. It's glittery and rainbow-colored one :D

Now into a more serious topic -even though I consider my previous topic also already serious, my first time got food poisoning lol-, I've decided to take a break from youtube until the end of January. If you're curious why, you can see here, I filmed my first update video:

I'm still gonna blog IF I have the willingness to, because let's face it, I've been half-assing this blog long before I have a legit reason to =X But really though, for me blogging does not require a tremendous amount of time like filming and editing video does, so I might be more active on this blog for January (lots of food post coming, I've already drafted up some).

And, and you can go follow my Instagram, I've started to post more pictures now, not every 2 months lolol. It's @lilyzhen168

Alright, that's all for now. I hope you'll have a FREAKINGTASTIC 2015!!! Lots of love from to you xo


In the light of recent AirAsia accident route Surabaya-Singapore, I really hope friends and families of passengers and crews aboard the plane are given and blessed with an enormous amount of strength and fortitude to help them go through this unfortunate situation. I really am not good with words, but my deepest condolences and I do hope for the best for all the people involved. 

take care,

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