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Friday, April 8, 2016

Japan Post otw, Blogo Review!, Sociolla Pink Box

I’m in the middle of editing my Summer Japan Trip Day 2 photos now (Click HERE for Day 1). There are 100+ PHOTOS!!!
And that’s after narrowing it down a couple times wtf. Almost half of it are from my Dad’s camera though, ‘cos he is a super shutterbug kind hehe. He probably took more than twice as much photos as I did on that trip -and I took a LOT, trust me.
It’s already..err..5 days?? since I started editing it and I still got 40+ photos left. But it’s ok, because half of what’s left are crappy iPhone photos that I usually don’t bother to edit too much (just resize + brightness), so I should be done editing by tomorrow :D


Anyway, I’m blogging on Blogo now, which I haven’t done since I bought it a year ago. I kinda have a love-hate relationship with it. Like I LOOOOVE the interface, it’s super clean-looking and nice. I also love how easy it is to embed instagram, link, youtube videos, and quotes from webpages (they automatically add the source of the quote. convenient to the max, right?).
see? much better than blogger’s “new post” interface, right?
BUT!!! Blogo has some fatal flaws that makes me go back to just blog on blogger time and time again.
First up, I cannot change the alignment of the paragraph!! Second, cannot change font size without making it into a heading and the heading has to be in a new line while what I want is to change font size of certain words in a sentence (to make it dramatic and whatnot). Thridly, I cannot change the actual font and sometimes I want to use other font than the default for certain sentences. Fourth, cannot change the font’s color! And that’s a big no no for me because I love colorful post, ok?
Fifth, I really don’t like how the pictures on the post is only shown as a grey box on Blogo. Like this:
And I have to hover to see the image. Even then, it only shows a partial of the image. Like this:
Err, I like to look at the picture I’m blogging about while I’m blogging about it, thank you. I guess this is not a big deal if you don’t blog with a lot of photos.
Sixth, and I just remember this because it happened while I’m writing this post. So when I upload a picture onto a post, the picture is not placed to where I want it to be, but on the top/bottom/middle of the post (this one happens almost ALL the time), or worse, it replaces other picture on the post. This doesn’t always happen, but it does happen from time to time. When you do a post with shitload of photos and this happens, you have to hover all the images already on the post to see which one is replaced and it’s annoying af.
Seventh, cannot do multiple photos upload. You have to upload all the photos one by one. So inefficient. Again, I guess this is not a big deal if you don’t blog with a lot of photos.
Eighth, the new line coding on Blogo is different (or not compatible) than those in Blogger I think, so when I go to re-edit a post (the ones that I originally make on Blogo) on Blogger, the new line/break line got all wonky and I have to redo all the new lines wtf. Which I guess is not that big of a problem if I only use Blogo to blog, but I don’t. See reasons above.
Ninth, and THIS JUST HAPPENED. IT NEVER HAPPENED BEFORE!! I was almost finished with this post, and suddenly the post scrolled up to the top and it FREAKING ERASED like 4 or 5 long paragraphs I already wrote wtfwtfwtf. I don’t know, maybe I accidentally press a key on my keyboard while typing or something. I tried to undo, but it just like Blogo sent me back to a state before I wrote those 4 to 5 paragraphs. So I had to retype everything WTFHHKPQ. Err, I think it’s a fluke lah, never happened to me before, though I’ve never really used Blogo that much before, so who knows? Anyway, just to be safe, I click save every paragraph or so now lolol
So, yes, I want to love Blogo all the wayyy so so bad. I paid for it after all. But I just can’t. YET, at least, until they have updates on the matters above. But it’s been almost a year already since I bought, so I’m positively pessimistic lol. Plus, they have a board discussion on new features and they said that they’re not keen on changing the way images appear (see reason 5).
Ps. I think you can change alignment and the font’s size/color/type using inline CSS (yes, they do have HTML/CSS embedding feature, which actually is awesome), but it’s too bothersome to write an HTML code everytime I want to change the color please. I prefer just clicking a color like in blogger interface.
<p style=“color:#cccccc”> LIKE THIS CAN CHOOSE COLOR but too bothersome, not worth it if you intend to use lots of color</p>
LIKE THIS CAN CHOOSE COLOR but too bothersome, not worth it if you intend to use lots of color
LIKE THIS CAN CHOOSE COLOR but too bothersome, not worth it if you intend to use lots of color
Wait. Turns out cannot use CSS. I think the code embedding thing only works for HTML code. cmiiw.
This is what code and html embedding feature looks like on Blogo:
Ok, I’m done with this random review. Super unintended. I was just going to blog short post about the Japan post lol.


On a side note, Just received this month’s blogger items from Sociolla, so expect an unboxing soon, and review in a few weeks. It’s a skin care, so I need to try it a few weeks before I can get a good grip on the product :)
Meanwhile, you can always go to Sociolla to shop your fav beauty products and use the code “SBNLAC3U” to get 50k off your purchase *wink wink shameless plug wink*. It is an affiliate link and code, but you don’t have to use them if you don’t want to, ok. It doesn’t affect you either way (except if you use the code, cause then you got discount!!!), only affect my income haha.
Ok. Good Night ladies & gentlemen, Imma go get ready to sleep thankyou :)