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Monday, February 27, 2017

JAPAN Summer Trip DAY 3 Pt.3 | Kaiseki Dinner & SHIOK Onsen + Takeshima Hotel

This is the last part of Day 3! Yay, almost halfway through this travel log. Previous logs: 

From Tenryū-ji temple, we went to Aichi perfecture to stay at a Ryokan and have dinner there.
The ryokan we're staying at.
We were having a traditional Japanese course dinner (kaiseki ryori) that night and it was one of the highlight from this tour's menu, other than the crab course we had in Tokyo later on.
All the dishes. I believe there is an order in which one you eat first, but we didn't know. One of the tour member even fried the sashimi on the hot stone because he doesn't take raw food lol such a waste of a perfectly good and fresh seafood
I honestly don't really remember anything particular other than that it was decent, so maybe nothing spectacular for the kaiseki dinner here. 

The only thing that left an impression was the umeshu (plum sake), which was incredibly delicious. Even my little brother who's not a fan of alcohol loves it. He even gulped down another member's umeshu and got tipsy after. His alcohol tolerance is a joke wtf 😂
My mom's birthday celebration part 2.

We went to our room afterward and the rooms are ryokan-style!! Loves it! You guys should definitely try Ryokan at least once when you go to Japan.
Really giving me Doraemon tea right here. Sleeping on the futon was sooo sooo comfortable too. If I could get futon here in Indonesia, I would.
The bathroom. Spacious for Japan's hotel standard
It even has separate room for the bathtub.
And another separate room for the awesomesauce japanese toilet.
Each room is equipped with yukata for us to wear around the vicinity.
They even provided little baggie to put our stuff in for when we go to onsen! Wearing yukata is awesome btw, so lightweight and airy.
Random gif of my random family.

Went to try onsen after the photo sess. You're not supposed to take photo inside onsen (for obvious reason lol tits and butts everywhere you turn 😳), but there was no one when I was there, so here's a sneak peek of the onsen in this ryokan.
Bins to put your belonging. Honestly, had it not been in Japan, I probably wouldn't feel safe leaving my stuffs without key like this. Although I believe they do warn us about putting our valuables there.
Vanity area. They provided some amenities like comb, q-tips, body lotion, face cream, even exfoliating stuff. Awesome.
Hallway leading to the hot spring.
We're supposed to clean ourselves before dipping into the onsen.
Again, they provide everything you need: shampoo, conditioner, body wash, even face wash. I've tried three different onsen places and all of them provide top-notch amenities. Being a tacky gaijin, this amazes me to no end.
Indoor onsen. There is an outdoor part too, but there were some people there, so I didn't take a pic.

The whole onsen experience felt SO SHIOK and relaxing! Another DIE DIE MUST TRY when you go to Japan. I slept like a baby that night. 

On second thought, why does it called "sleeping like a baby" when you have a good night sleep? Babies wake up sporadically throughout the night, crying here and there. Weird phrase. 
Family photo outside the hotel after.
Oh, they also gave us welcome snack on the table in our room.
Sponge cake with dried fruit inside. Meh, but much appreciated.
Okay, finishing off this post with a pic of my mom posing all zen and having tea like a lady. See you on the next post!

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