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Tuesday, November 7, 2017

JAPAN Summer Trip DAY 4 Pt.2 | Famous Kawaguchiko Ryokan

OMG OMG this is the last part of Day 4, so that means we're officially HALFWAY DONE with this travelogue (when I've finished this entry that is)!!

Can you believe it's been more than 2 years since the trip itself and I'm only halfway done?? I need to be more diligent 'cos I want to start to blog about last year's and this year's travelogue at least BEFORE the end of the year, or the beginning of 2018 at the latest.

Okay, here's the previous entries of this travelogue:
There are 20+ photos for this entry, so let's get to it.

From Gotemba, we went to our lodging for the night, which is another RYOKAN! Yay another night sleeping on a futon. No, I'm not saying this sarcastically, I truly, truly love sleeping on a futon ♡
Kawaguchiko Hotel 河口湖ホテル 

This particular ryokan is very old and some parts were slightly dingy, but overall still pretty well-maintained. The facade is beautiful tho, isn't it? Looks like a traditional german house.

It supposedly used to be a famous ryokan 'cos some important people of Japan (is it the PM? The royalty?) got married here or something to that effect. googled this, so the royal family members have stayed in this ryokan from time to time, including Emperor Hirohito and his son, Emperor Akihito.
 The room and my impregnated luggage 
 The washing basin.
I really don't know how to make this caption any more interesting than this lol. 
Oey, got that current-hipster-marble-top one!
 Another washing basin inside the old old, but clean bathroom.
 The room is pretty spacious, especially for a lodging in Japan. It has a small balcony area and dining table.
 TV too!
Inside that little round basket is a tea set in case you want to act all atas (high?) and luxurious and have a traditional tea party. 
 Got fridge too. Old, but should still work.
The very very best part about this ryokan is the IMPECCABLE VIEW though!! Breathtaking, right? It's Lake Kawaguchiko if I'm not wrong. And I THINK that's mount Fuji? 
 Another view from a different room.
 Tell me this is not something you want outside you room??!!
 Must camwhore with the provided yukata near the gorgeous view!
How smug is his face?
Here, not so smug in this one.
Here's a redeeming one. He indeed can smile!
The dinner from the ryokan.

I particularly remember that innocuous looking fish at the top. SOOO BUTTERY AND SO YUMMY!! Melted in my mouth!

The beef was really good too, but that fish totally takes the cake. And I'm not even a big fish fan. Actually, come to think of it, I started to like fish more during this trip. Japanese fish are bombdiggity.

The melon there was extremely sweet and juicy. The other stuff was decent.
group pic in our kimono.

I went to the onsen afterward. 

Seriously guys, if your hotel/ryokan has an onsen, YOU HAVE TO GO! Yeah sure it's a bit weird at first being naked among other people, but after you take your first soak, maaaannnn, such pleasure. You'd be like "the hell with other people, stare at me all you want while I enjoy this magnificent bath." (actually, no one will stare at you, nobody gives two hoot, and you won't be too.)

Here's some sneaky photo I took of the onsen area in this ryokan.
Eh, I don't actually have a photo of the actual onsen part (there were probably people there, so I didn't take any). The onsen is just this long pool with irregular shape and the man and woman onsen are separated by this wall that has a gap on top, so you can hear everything from the other side.

I kept hearing my brother saying "HELLICOPTEEERRR!!" hahaha immature. I think shinchan reader will get this.
Bought some hot cocoa from the vending machine outside of the onsen. Nice.
Perfect looking peach. So sweet. Japanese fruits are awesome.
Wagashi I bought from Kyoto station the day before. Meh. Don't like it.
See, I'm not THAT biased with my love for Japan.

Okay, see ya on the next post! xoxo take care.

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