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Tuesday, August 29, 2017

JAPAN Summer Trip DAY 4 Pt.1 | OMG-SO-GOOD SUSHI & Gotemba Premium Outlet

Yay finally continuing this travel log! We didn't really do much today, so Day 4's only gonna be 2 parts.
Here's the links to previous days:
Pocket wi-fi!! My lifeline during Japan trips!

I remember years ago when I didn't need any connection when we went overseas. I basically just put my phone on flight mode and enjoyed the trip unplugged. No internet connection, sms, call, no nothing. Just me, my family, and our camera.

HOW??? HOW YOU TELL ME?? How did I survive then given that nowadays I'll be pissed and panicky if I can't get a connection within an hour of landing??!!

Ahh, it was such a simpler time then~

Last time I went to China, I used up my XL credit not realizing I hadn't signed up for their international package. Even worse, my dad DID sign up and the internet connection SUCKS BALLS!!! It took gazillion years just to open up google *rolls eyes*. Pretty expensive too wtf. I ended up begging for connection tethering from a friend cos he used Telkomsel*** (I think it was Simpati) and the connection was way better (still not fast, but after that stupid XL connection, it felt like lightning speed).

Anyway, the point is, I'm so dependant on internet connection now that I'll gladly resort to begging for one than be left unplugged for a whole day. Sad.

I want NEED to open up Township ok, which needs an internet connection. SO SO SO addicted to this game it's terrifying. It's the longest I've ever been stuck on a game I think (I'm easily bored you see), aside from Harvest Moon (PS 1, still play it until now on emulator from time to time), The Sims, and Pokemon (not GO!, but sapphire, diamond, etc. ones).

***He said the previous time he went to China, the connection from telkomsel also sucked, so maybe just cross your finger and hope that it's your lucky day.
If you think this is already a smug-angsty-adolescent look, you'd be wrong 'cos it's even more emo-juvenille shit now smh.

We're going to Gotemba today, which is the famous shopping outlet that tour agents always bring the tourists to.
Group photo.
The bento set. Everything was decent. The star was actually the plum furikake (rice topping) they made in-house! You can buy the furikake on the first floor. They also have the unagi flavored one!
simple noodle soup (was it udon? can't remember. it's been 2 YEARS ­čś▒ )
Haha, I found this sign to be freaking HILARIOUS!!!

I imagine me pooping and when I'm done I'd be standing up, taking a bow and be like "thank you all, thank you very much."

And the crowd would go wild and make a standing ovation applauding my excellent performance of successfully dropping a deuce and go "WOW such performance, such girth, such viscosity!" then proceed to exuberantly applaud me again.

I know, I'm so childish. and disgusting. And I  put that horrendous image on your mind. HA!

I digress.

We went to Gotemba Premium Outlet after lunch.
The place is like an outdoor mall with strings of shops on either side of the main street. There are WEST and EAST parts (or was it north and south?) and both are connected by this bridge AND you can see Mount Fuji clearly from this bridge when the weather allows!!

Actually, if I remember correctly, you can see Mount Fuji from various parts of this outlet, so you can very well dine at one of the eatery there and have Mount Fuji as the view! Nice, yeah?
Random R2D2 (is it r2d2 tho? can't be bothered to check on google) lego
Adorable elderly woman with 3 equally adorable Shiba inus (I'm pretty sure it's Shiba inu, not Akita, after I googled them both, but cmiiw).

I feel like this will make me sound incredibly creepy, but I gotta say that I love love that auntie's face (like I said, creepy). She just has this nice demeanor face, you know? Like the sort that is super kind and trustworthy. The perfect grandma type. LOVE! Seeing her face makes me calm wth.

Also, pretty sure the auntie wasn't posing for the photo, it was just pure perfect timing.
Made it black and white so it seemed more artsy fartsy.
To the measly amount of guys who got lost and ended up on my blog, you're welcome. Adorbs tho, right?
The Mount Fuji from the bridge that I talked about earlier!
*insert a photo of me here because there hasn't been any in this post (except for the group photo, but that doesn't count!)*
*insert another one just to remind everyone that this is indeed my blog*


Behind me is this sushi place that serves OMFG AMAZING SUSHI! 

It's called Uogashi! *read about it on cheeserland*

Even until now after another 2 trips to Japan, I still think this place serves the best and value-for-money sushi. Granted I've never tried like the Michelin sushi *shrugs*. Who would be willing to treat me to one?

Also, side note, missing my long hair, but at the same time, short hair is super duper convenient I feel like chopping my hair off every time it gets to shoulder-length. *sigh, the first-world dilemma is real guys*
The awesome awesome awesome sushi!! There were more, but they were repetitions.

The unagi seemed so plain, but it burst with flavor and oh-so-soft melt in your mouth. Ordered this twice or thrice I think. Even the simple Inari is damn good.

OH! OH! And it was my first time trying Aburi Engawa.. It was... nothing short of MAGICAL, to say the least.

I know, I'm so extra haha.

But it's true! It was a marvelous experience for a foodie *read: glutton* like me. Soft, melty fish that tastes so buttery and indulgent even though it was simply torched. It's like there's a lot of fat, so when torched, the fat melts and you get this oily (in a good way), buttery, rich taste (I don't know if it's true, it just tastes like it has a lot of fatty goodness).

Aburi engawa (along with unagi) is hands down my most favoritestesttesttest sushi ever! And maybe oo-toro too.

p.s. I don't like non-aburi engawa tho, it's too rubery/chewy for my liking.
Waiting/rest area. It has wi-fi I think. Even the bloody waiting room is damn cute like a kindergarten of sort!!
Locker in case you have luggage with you. And Gachapon!
Random shot of this clothing store I really liked. It's a local Japanese brand I think. They sell pastel, flowy, fluttery, girly, spring-ish type of clothing. Very lovely. I didn't get any tho 'cox it's too expensive for me.
I WANT!! So delicate and cute.
One of my fav vending machine drink, Royal Milk Tea.

Okay, abrupt end here. See you on the next one! WOOHOOO, Almost halfway done with this travelogue!

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