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Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Found this uber cute xylitol candy a while ago.

(since they're pretty pointless I just made them into a collage)

cute, no?

I really don't know what makes a tooth-shaped candy cute, but they are!! The packaging also tooth-shaped one!!

They taste just like regular candy~






abrupt change of topic.

a couple of weeks ago, Sam was doing some coding on binary search tree and I was boreeeed to death 'cos I did nothing (too lazy to code myself~just let him finish then teach me how to :p).

Anyway, so I decided to make a masterpiece...

out of Sam's hair!! lol.

He seriously didn't give a shit on whatever I was doing with his hair, just kept coding and coding wtf. #dedication #truegeek #mightaswelljustbaldhim

And then I went ahead to take pics from every angle possible and response -__-". Oh well, at least I wan't bored anymore.

And I laugh myself the whole entire time!!! good entertainment is good entertainment.

So, that was my tip for you guys who got bored ;)

Play around with someone's head. It's always FUN!!

p.s. I hesitated to post up this pic at first, but I'm already nice by only post from the back-view, no?

ok.bye.take care.

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