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Friday, October 5, 2012


I copy-paste the questions from my friend's tumblr.

I don't know if you guys interested, but here it is, everything basics about me :)

Eye Color 
Black/Dark Brown

Hair Color 
Black(It's kinda dark brown now with a hint of red after I did my treatment)



Right Handed or Left Handed 

Your Heritage 
I'm pretty sure I'm 100% Chinese, but I live in Indonesia :D

Your Weakness 

Your Fears 
That I wouldn't be happy in the future? I'm a positive person though!

Goal You Would Like To Achieve This Year
Hmm..get everything in order!! I have to get organized!

Your Most Overused Phrase On Chatbox 

Thoughts First Waking Up 
"I'm gonna sleep for another 5 minutes" -> "Whoops, already 15 minutes..Oh,well,another 5 wouldn't hurt"

Your Bedtime
10 lol. I'm a big ol' sleepyhead

Your Most Missed Memory 
Getting together with my family and just chatting all nigt long

Pepsi or Coke 
Don't like both soda drink! I only like rootbeer and mountain dew

McDonalds or Burger King 
Definitely McD :D

Single or Group Dates 
Single date. Yeah, I'm a loner like that even if I'm in a relationship.

Lipton Ice Tea or Nestea
They taste different meh? --"

Chocolate or Vanilla
Chocolate. Duh.

Cappuccino or Coffee 
Cappucino maybe.

Do you Smoke
Not in this lifetime. I effing hate smoke!!

Do you Swear
Mmm..yea?I just did :p

Do you Sing

Do you Shower Daily 
err..I guess

Have you Been in Love 
Not sure

Do you want to get Married 
Of course!! I want to be a mom <3

Do you believe in yourself 
Oh hell yeah I do!

Do you get Motion Sickness

Are you a Health Freak 
Not really. Today I ate one greasy chicken breakfast and ham carbonara for lunch. Yumms! :9

Do you get along with your guardians 
Don't have one.

Do you like Thunderstorms 
Who does? --"

What do you want to be when you Grow Up 
An incredible mom and woman in general and live peacefully :)

Hope you know me a little bit better now :)


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