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Sunday, March 2, 2014

[Etude House] Dear My Deep Color Nails - PBR402 Crown Brown (Review & Swatch)

In this post I'm only going to show you swatch, color description, and the quality (opaqueness) of the product, for the basics of the product (price, quantity, cruelty-free or not, etc) go HERE.
I also won't say anything about the "long-wear"ness of this nail polish, because it really varies to your everyday activity. It can last me for a week, but maybe only lasts you for 3 days and vice versa.


PBR402 Crown Brown

1 coat
Mauve taupe. Yes, I googled it lol, but basically it's a grayish brown with a purple tone to it. Perfect for Fall :)


Creamy and glides on smoothly. Dries rather quickly too :D

You can get it's full opacity with 2 coats, so I'd say it's a quite opaque nail polish!

2 coats


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