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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Monthly Montages - February

So I've decided to continue to do this monthly montages thing (I think the last time I did it was March last year) because I'd love to have something to look back to, to feel nostalgic about, to remember some highlights of the month, to have a memory box? You know, all that sappy stuffs.

So, here it is.. My February's highlights..

left to right, top to bottom

  • My dad's friend gave us these cherries from Aussie, I think. I ate like 2 or 3 bowls of them.
  • Loot from CNY
  • Made Laura Vitale's apple cake. It was pretty good.
  • Finally tried out the highly-raved Holycow steak. I ordered the wagyu tenderloin and it was definitely the best steak I've ever tried. I'm not really a steak person, but I did enjoy every last bite of it. Perfectly medium rare, VERY tender and the red part is not chewy whatsoever. The sauce for the steak was okay only though. 

left to right, top to bottom

  • Our apps rank in US Windows Store lifestyle category. I was really pleasantly surprised that our apps can go that far. I mean, we only made it in one day and we just made it so that don't have to do KP.
  • New Valentine's Day tutorial! I just realized that Valentine's day is the only nail art tutorial that I do consistently every year. Don't know why though.
  • Homemade chocolates from my friend, Grace. I really loved the matcha one!
  • Our apps got 1st place at Binus-Windows Hackaton Developer Challenge in non-games category. Super grateful!

left to right, top to bottom

  • Had Valentine's Dinner with Sam at Pepenero. Will blog about it soon.
  • Breakfast before my first time going to the gym. Sweet bread from Tous les Jours and lemon green tea.
  • First trial day at Celfit. I tried out the RPM class that day.
  • Had sushi after the workout lol. 

left to right, top to bottom

  • Went to Bene Ristorante for the first time after body combat class because they were having 50% off. I ordered this Paella Pasta and it was soooo good. Fell in love with it right away. I'm definitely planning to go back just to have this pasta again (which is saying a lot since I usually prefer to try out something new on the menu unless the food is really good and made me want more).
  • My friend ordered the carbonara salmon pasta. This one was also really good. Really creamy and tasted wonderfully different than other carbonara pasta from other places I've tried. The salmon wasn't fishy either. I usually only like salmon on sushi, but this one I actually can take.
  • Made brownies using new recipe and despite its horrendous appearance, it was actually a really good fudgy, chewy brownies.
  • Just some random pictures I took of the mess at my work/vanity table.

left to right, top to bottom

  •  Stopped by a cooking demo session in front of Hero after yoga class just so that I can have the taster (I was looking for a place to eat). I ended up had 4 different pasta taster and got a goodie bag (spaghetti, pasta sauce, pens, and honey) for answering a question. Also by the end of the cooking demo I wasn't hungry anymore because of the taster lol, so I saved up some money.
  • Made cream pasta because I have leftover cream from brownies ice cream bar I made that week.
  • First time using 3ds Max. Made this weird stick man holding donuts and teapot.
  • Awesome breakfast of omelette and potato hash with garlic croutons.

left to right, top to bottom

  • My lil' bro birthday. I couldn't believe he's already 14. I have always had it in my head that he's still 10 or 11. I couldn't go back to Jogja for his birthday though because I just started my 6th semester.
  • Juicing! I was going to start to do green juice, so for the first time I only used very little spinach and then a lot of fruits. I think there were apples, watermelon, strawberries and some lemon juice.
  • Random pic of a super cheap lunch I had, kwetiao and fried tofu for Rp 6,000.00 only!! That's 60 cents!
  • My first 3ds Max assignment, the piggy from angry bird. It's not that bad, right? right? just agree please.

That's pretty much wrapped up my February! It was a really great month. A lot of blessings and trying out new things. I can't believe we already used up 2 months of 2014! It will be Christmas and new year again in no time.

take care, xoxo, Lily

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