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Friday, April 25, 2014

Lolabox April 2014 Review | 1st Birthday Box ver. 1

If you're wondering what is the "ver. 1" or you wanna read the "ver. 2", you can go HERE :)

Now, the first one here is the one that I got from my subscription plan (the cardboard of them is different, so I know which one which)

I was expecting glittery box (in my head, celebration=glitter & confetti), but I actually ended liking this monochrome box. It looks so chic to me.

greeting card
By the way, the theme of this month's box is Let's Celebrate

[Lolita Lempicka] The First Fragrance
Full-size: 30 ml (Rp 540,000.00) / 50 ml (Rp 750,000.00) / 100 ml (Rp 975,000.00)
In the Box: 0,8 ml (Rp 7,800.00)

This fragrance has a "mature scent", as in this is probably something mid-20s or 30s woman would wear, at least to me. Definitely not something that I would buy on my own. I like citrusy, fresh, musky, woody, and fruity scent (not necessarily all that blend into one, just the notes that I prefer).

[Leaders Insolution] Derma Soul Bright Mask
Full-size: Rp 26,100.00 / pack
In the Box: full-size

Sheet mask is something that I will always be happy to receive, especially I've heard about Leader quite a few times, so I'm happy to be able to give it a try.

[Cottage] Shower Gel in Fig
Full-size: 250 ml (Rp 58,000.00)
In the Box: full-size

This item is definitely the biggest hit in this box for me. I have been wanting to try out other Cottage scents ever since I got the travel size strawberry & mint shower gel (review HERE) back in January, also from Lolabox, but I've never seen it in all the Guardians near me (there's 3 btw). 

Finally, I saw them at Food Hall exactly a day before I open this month's box and debating whether to get it or not since it's quite expensive for a body wash -Food Hall sells them @Rp 78,000.00. Rip off!- and I still have a couple bottles of body wash I have to use up, so ultimately I didn't get it. 

Imagine how excited I was when I saw it in this box!!! Actually, you don't have to imagine it, just watch my unboxing video HERE, you'll see how over the moon I was and please note that even in that video, I already cut out a portion of me squealing and bouncing like there's no tomorrow for the sake of your ears.

Wow that's a long unnecessary story-telling. Sorry to waste your time. 

Anyhoo, I like this fig scent when I smelled it at Food Hall, but my favorite is the caramel one. It smells so freaking yummy, exactly like those Apenliebe caramel candy.

[The Face Shop] Real Nature Mask Aloe Vera
Full-size: Rp 20,350.00 / pack
In the Box: full-size

I already got this same exact mask from my September (I think?) Lolabox, but I'm a self-proclaimed sheet mask hoarder, so I'm totally okay with it.

[Me-Nail] Dried Flowers Nail Decorator
Full-size: I can't find the price of this from Me-Nail, but a jar dried flower is usually around Rp 15,000.00
In the Box: full-size

I have never tried using dried flower on my nail before, so I'm very intrigued to give this a go. Plus, it's a nice addition to my stash of nail art stuffs.

[Me-Nail] Nail Polish + Velvet Powder Set
Full-size: Again, I can't seem to find the price of this set from Me-Nail, but a set like this is probably around Rp 35,000.00
In the Box: full-size

I'm not in love with the velvet nails trend, because while it's unique and adorable, it gets dirty quickly (Velvet Nails FAQ HERE), but I'd never say no to a nail polish set like this. Also, I only have pink velvet powder, so it's nice to get the blue as well.

[Make Over] Shiny Glam Eye Shadow Refill in Sunset, Turqoise, Gold
Full-size: Rp 41,500.00/each
In the Box: 3 x full-size (Rp 124,500.00)

I was pleasantly surprised that they actually gave 3 full-size eye shadow refill. They are actually a part of a trio eye shadow palette from Make Over Spring/Summer 2014 collection called Le Secret Fantaisie. The only thing though, my turquoise eye shadow is broken and this seems to happen to a lot of others as well, there is one that got all three eye shadows broken.

I already contacted Lolabox CS and they are sorry about this matter and it seems that it's the courier's fault. They want to solve this problem as soon as possible, so if you want to replace your broken eye shadow, you have to send them the broken item and (if it's possible) send them a picture of the fragile sticker on the box so that they have prove to bring to the courier's service and get compensation (maybe, I'm not sure what they'll do with the courier's service). This process will take around 30 days to 45 days.

I personally don't bother to go through the replacement process since I only got one broken eye shadow (which I can easily fix with the alcohol method) and I don't feel like paying the shipping fee of sending them the broken item #forevercheapskate.

Beauty Extras

[The Face Shop] Natural Sun Power Lasting Sun Cream
[The Face Shop] Rice Water Bright Cleansing Foam
[The Face ShopColor Control CC Cream

None of the sachet samples intrigued me, but I'll happily take them since they are bonuses #cheapskatemomentagain


I love that Audrey Hepburn card from Luxola.

Lolabox Price: Rp 145,000.00 for 1 month subscription Rp 111.000,00 (Special 1st birthday price) / Rp 375,000.00 for 3 months subscription / Rp 725,000.00 for 6 months subscription They removed the 3 months & 6 months option recently.
The Box's Value: +- Rp 286,750.00 (+sachet samples)

In the Box: 12 Items (8 full-sizes, 1 deluxe sample, 3 sachet samples)

Hands down THE best box they have ever put out, or any other beauty subscription services available in Indonesia have ever put out for that matter. Even though value-wise they have given out boxes with higher value before, this birthday box still win for the actual products that are featured. I'm happy that finally there is a box that at least is a bit comparable to ipsy since ipsy usually gives out awesome stuffs every month imo. I know the chance is the next box's not gonna be as jam-packed as this, but I'm still crossing my fingers that it will at least be somewhat as awesome as this birthday box.

Last but not least, Happy 1st Birthday Lolabox, wishing you another awesome years ahead :D

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take care,

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