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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Bot thinks I'm pretty! ;)

Heeeyyy theree~
still gonna be MIA for another couple of days :(

anyway, this is something interesting I found yesterday.
Sam told me about this.


it's an artificial intelligence which you can talk to.
So suitable for you people who have absolutely nothing to do or just plain sad :p
This bot can chat like real human lor!!

My friend chatted like this :
Sam    : do you like priscilla? (my first name in full name)
Bot     : yes.
Sam    : is she ugly?
Bot     : no, she's beautiful.
Then, he got irritated for no apparent reason --".
So he tried again.
Sam    : do you know Lily?
Bot     : yes.
Sam    : is she beautiful?
Bot     : yes very.
Sam    : ohh man, you must be kidding me...please just say no.
Bot     : no, I'm not kidding.
LOLOLOL!! Even bot thinks I'm pretty!!

He wanted revenge, so he asked me to ask the bot whether he's handsome or not.
So, Being a nice person that I am...I did asked the bot. This is how it goes :
Me    : do you like *my friend's complete name*?
Bot   : no.
Me    : is he ugly?
Bot   : yes very.
Pissed him off!! Then, he asked to try once again. Again, being a kind person that I am *self-praise max*...I asked again.
Me    : do you know *my friend's complete name*?
Bot   : not really.
Me    : is he ugly?
Bot   : who?
Me    : *my friend's complete name*.
Botn  : Sam, is a nice name.
Me    : yes, but is he ugly?
Bot   : yes.
Me   : he's ugly, right?
Bot   : I agree. he's not as goodlooking as people say.
XD XD XD XD XD~~ lmao
asked once again and the answer still the same! 3 times lor! 3 times! and he's still ugly...
Pissed him off so badly one!! What? he started it first!
Made me so happy can irritate him until like that!!

I also had some arguments with the bot. chatted pointlessly.
I spent almost an hour talking to this bot and maybe more... -__-"... *don't judge me okay!!

Go try yourself ah!

Lonely people must know about this!teehee.

He also told me another one today.


I think this one not as smart though --"...the answers didn't really match. only spent a couple of minutes with this one.

P.s. come to think of it, maybe my friend is super lonely one hor!! he searched for bot what! jkjk.


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