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Friday, December 2, 2011

NOTD - Summer Nautical

This is a nail art that I did over a year ago =)
I think this is one of my best nail art in the earlier time I got into nail art~

Oh, and just FYI, everytime I blog about NOTD, that'd mean that I don't have ANYthing else to blog :p...
That's why I post them one by one. I have LOADS of them because I mostly do my nails once a week, even twice a week sometimes when I have no social It's like my urgent archive.

I used a lot of contrast on those two pictures above that's why it looked super bright and not pretty. But the original photos even more suck ok. kinda blurred out and the color's not showing. These are the best I could do to save a very poor photos :( 
the video tutorial :

putting on those silver beads into anchor and steering wheel shape was seriously a pain in the ass. And as always, my eyes went @.@" afterward.
But, I was happy with the result though. I think I only did my left-hand cos I got lazy after all those silver beads things :( . 

Shall end this post with =).

xoxo.ok.bye ^^

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