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Thursday, February 23, 2012

My First Katsu!!

Hmm, I guess the title already give it all..

I made my first ever chicken katsu \(^o^)/

For a cook noob like me, it's a big deal, okay. For the 1st semester I'm away from home (I'm starting 2nd semester now), I've never really cooked meat, like fresh meat. I usually used luncheon meat, hot dog, nugget, all those yummy unhealthy stuffs :p. Reason is I got confuse what kind of meat I have to buy, there are so many cuts -___-"...

Enough with the background it is..

I know it doesn't look good, but it's quite yummy, I'm gonna give it 3/5 :D
The french fries a bit tough though 'cos I fried it first and by the time I'm done with my katsu it was already dry --" and I think it's just the way I fried it wrongly (see, total cooknoob. Can't even fry frozen french fries)...1.5/5!

Anyway, I got a bit carried away by my first katsu, I decided to make one again a couple days after that.

If you think you see two same picutes, trust me, they're different. I cannot decide which one better. 

Much better than the first one, yes? This one I put dendeng and cheese inside. yums ^^. 4/5!

And the french fries, they're like perrrfectly fried! Crunchy outside and soft inside. Cooking goddess must've accompany me in the kitchen. I give it 4.5/5! I would've given it 5/5, but then you might think I'm being bias and over-selfproud. 


Oh, well, screw that. Because I AM damn proud of myself *vain overload*!! I give it a freaking 5/5!!

I'm using bulldog sauce mixed with tomato ketchup. The taste is okay. Gonna try adding pepper next time ~(^-^~)(~^-^)~

Have a wonderful day ^^

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