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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Diana's 19th

Someone is getting older here and will enter her 20s soon!!
I wish her all the best wishes in the world :)

Okay, let's start this entry...

For her 19th birthday, Diana treated me, Sam, Jan, and Sara to this french vintage restaurant called Nanny's Pavillon. Right now, they have a total of 7 branch. What unique about them is that each branch has its own theme and all of them have this nice vintage homey feeling attached. So far, the themes are garden, living room, library, bathroom, terrace, barn, and the newest is sewing room.

I've been to the library one before and it was so nice with all the faux books, book's shelf, etc etc.
Seriously, check them out. They have quite of an ambiance~ the food is good too. I'm gonna say 8/10, but for the pancakes variety, 9/10. Their apple pancake and peanut butter pancake is really good. On the other hand, the price is quite high for a student like me >.<.

Click HERE and HERE to see more pictures of the themed place. They're nice even just to look at ;)
Do visit the official website. It's chio max!

Anyway, let's move on, I feel like I'm advertising them -___-"...we went to the BARN branch~

The watermark is hugeass 'cos I want to cover up the random people's faces :p

These are the first floor. Really nice, you tell me. And that table + chair are too cute >w<

The second floor, where we ate. They have this glass wall, so the lightning is perfect for camwhoring in the morning to afternoon, even evening, and will be kinda romantic for dinner!

The vintage-ish menu.

Random shot of Jan with an absolutely weird expression. Looks like somewhat constipated or so --"..and there were hearts in front of him. Errr...

Really love this shot with the heart. Thanks Sara :)

Group pics! Sam, me, Diana, Sara, and Jan. The waiter took it for us :)

Now, let's move on to the stars of this entry. The food, of course ^^ (aside from diana)...
p.s. all of the judgement are merely based on my taste :p

Both Diana and Sam ordered this beef baked rice. 3.5/5 'cos I'm not huge fan of brown sauce, but Diana like this one the most out of all the dishes we ordered.

Mine! Auntie's sausage baked rice. 3.7/5. It's really good at the beginning, but towards the last couple of spoons it started to get a bit nauseating, because it has a little too much white sauce to my liking.

Jan's rim's tuna with rice. The photo really looks salivating, isn't it? I forgot how it tastes though. It was nice, I guess.

Sara's. Hubert's chicken capers fettucini. 4/5. This is my most favourite one that we ordered, the melted cheese and the chicken is so good :9.

Nanny's cocktail in blueberry and mango. Have a lot of fruit bits in them, and we agreed that the mango one is yummier.

And the birthday girl with her tiramisu tart.

Sam got the first cake 'cos he was the one had been really busy planning the surprise, gifts, cake and all.

The already defiled birthday cake. It's from dapur cokelat and it tastes really amaaaahhziing~~~ 4.6/5 ! I ate a few slices even though I was already quite full. It just melted in your mouth like little pieces of clouds <3

Random shot of lanterns remaining from the CNY.

Went to karaoke afterward.

A shot of a weird background video playing on the song "A Whole New World". It was all full of people covered in mud. A little bit disturbing, I'd say -___-"...

Got photobombed by Jan --"..

My big head covering Jan *revenge accomplished* and Sara covering Sam with a glimpse of Diana :D

And..look look what we spotted on the way back...

And it wasn't just a half curve rainbow, it was a FULL curve rainbow!! on a nice canvas of dusty twilight!
This picture doesn't do any justice to how beautiful it was. And I captured it on car, thus the blurriness, just believe in what I'm gonna say, it was INCREDIBLE!

To end this post, I'd like to wish my dear friend, Diana, once again, a very blissful years ahead ♥


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