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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Strawberry FIMO Nail Art

So, here it is, the second video of this month like I promised before^^..I've actually already done with the editing a week ago, but just got the chance to upload it.
It's in HD!!! And! This time I'm trying to do the voice over, so I'm really sorry for my bad pronunciation
Anyway, it's actually an overdue video, I filmed it like almost a year ago :p

I hope you like it :)

And I'm kinda hoping I can upload another tutorial this month, but most likely not gonna happen, because I have a web programming assignment T.T. I'll try my best though, maybe, if possible, in the end of month.

Oh! Oh! I have another new year's resolution! ALWAYS bring my camera around! I'm tired of the sucky quality of my blackberry's camera --".


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