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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Bamboo Dim Sum - Affordable All You Can Eat Dim Sum!

I love dim sum. Period.

So when my brother's girlfriend told me about this relatively affordable all you can eat dim sum, how could I not give it a try, yes? The price is 53,000/nett for ALL the dim sum I want please.

The system is a bit different here as there is no menu. The waiter will bring out an array of certain type of dimsum (ex. steamed ones) and you choose what you want, and then the waiter will bring out another type of dim sum (ex. deep-fried ones) and you choose again which one(s) you want, and so on and so on until they've showed you all the dim sum they have, then you can ask for more for the one you'd like more of, like maybe you want the waiter to bring out all the steamed ones again.  

There are two stations near the kitchen, one for the free-flow hot tea, and another one for free-flow onde-onde, fried plain mantau, chiken-filled mantau, and porridge.

I like the onde-onde here. Usually I find the outer is too chewy for my liking, but the onde onde here has a more crispy outer and the inside part of the skin is the right chewiness for my taste. It has tausa (red bean paste) as the filling.

The porridge was not bad either, or at least it's seasoned and not bland. A bit too dry for my liking though, I like soupy porridge.

hot tea

The first array they brought out were the steamed dimsum and these are the ones that we chose, there were a bunch more types of siew may. 

Everything tastes really decent. The hakau was pretty good (we asked for a second portion of it and I ate more than half the portions we ordered myself), and I also liked that wonton at the bottom right. The siew may was quite tasty as well.

Sorry for the blurry pic >_< I didn't realize it until I edit the photos.

The next array was dim sum with sauces/soup, there were only 5 choices of it if I'm not mistaken, and these are the ones that we chose.

Sam wasn't a big fan of either of it, so I finished the wonton myself, and the meat-filled tofu wasn't bad, but I don't think I'm going to order it again.

The third array was the deep-fried dim sum, and I finally managed to took pic of all of the choices you're offered for this one *pat self on the back*

the one we chose
I didn't like any of them. That long ones were too greasy and the ones shaped like ekkado didn't taste nice. The only one that is decent is the fried wonton with mayo. Sam finished most of it, I only had one of each dim sum.

This wasn't on the trays offered, but you can also order chiken feet. It's Sam's favorite (like he legit can eat just chicken feet with rice and be content), so he gotta order it. The feet were huge btw, so it's a bit hard to eat.

This is the last array of dim sum they have, the buns. They have durian bao, pandan bao, chocolate mantau, tausa pao, and chicken pao. 

I chose durian bao and tausa bao. Yes, I, because Sam was already full and only want 1 durian bao. I was actually already full too, but I can never pass up something sweet to end my meal. You know, like you have a second stomach for dessert.

I love the baos! They're very soft and the fillings were delicious and not too sweet. My favorite is the tausa bao. Definitely try out their buns if you visit :)

My perverted boyfriend said the durian bao looks like boobs wtf -___-"

Anyway, all the food were really decent, but nothing ah-mah-zing. It's you get what you pay for kind of deal. I think that their nicest dim sum is the buns and the steamed dim sum, they're honestly pretty delicious, especially the buns!

I definitely will be back whenever I'm craving dim sum (which is quite often) but too broke to eat at my favorite dim sum place (which also, happens quite often lol). It's good enough to satisfy my dim sum craving :)


Bamboo Dim Sum
Jl. Boulevard BA 3 No. 49,
Gading Serpong, 
(021) 45879292

//price in IDR

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