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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Chin-Ma-Ya | 24 Hours Ramen Shop!

I've been eyeing this restaurant ever since I saw it whenever I visit my brother, but for some reason never actually made an effort to stop by. One of the reason is probably because it looks quite expensive from outside lol and the cheapskate in me was trying to restraint myself.

Anyhoo, my brother told me that their food is really nice and that I have to try their pork curry and salad, so a couple days ago (from the day I wrote this post, because I'm going to schedule this post for much much later) I went there to give it a try.

source: Chin-Ma-Ya's twitter

I researched them first the night before and found out that they open 24 hours!! Yay for midnight craving! But I was too sleepy so I decided to go the next day. 

To my surprise, their a la carte menu is actually not really that expensive, not cheap, but acceptable. I think the most expensive one I saw was 60k? Don't quote me on it though. What I like about their ramen is, they have small portion and reguler portion -which I heard is huge, the bowl is 20-25 cm in diameter-, so you can eat their ramen for as low as 18k. Mostly the small ramen is around 20k. Perfect for when I'm broke but my tastebud want to act rich lolol 

Unfortunately, I didn't try any of the ramen in this visit, but I definitely will next time :) Now let's get into the stuffs that I tried!

Pork Katsu Curry - @40k

The portion of this curry is generous. If you're not starving, then this can feed 2 people, especially if you're not a glutton like me.

The curry itself has a nice thickness, and is really delicious and savoury, not spicy at all. I personally prefer something with a bit of a kick, but you always can help yourself with the chilli powder provided on each table. There are bits and pieces of carrots and potatoes in the curry too.

The pork cutlet has a little bit of a bite to it, which I had no problem with, but I guess most people would prefer something more tender. Flavour wise, it goes great with the thick curry and a spoonful of warm rice.

All in all, a very satisfying dish. I enjoy every last bite of it.

Pork Gyoza

I personally am not a big fan of gyoza -wotie, kuotie, whatever you wanna call it-, primarily because most of the time I find the skin nauseated me too much and has a weird flour-ish taste to me. Weirdly, I actually love xiao long bao which I suppose has samewhat the same type of skin? You can see HERE that I didn't even enjoy the wotie that other people find delicious.

HOWEVER, for some reason, even though I know I don't like gyoza, I usually always order gyoza when it's on the menu lol. Probably hoping that maybe my gluttony has evolved and magically I like it now. I know, a bit masochistic, huh?

It's a good thing I decided to be masochistic that day though because I loved their gyoza, or at the very least I really enjoyed it!

The gyoza is nicely crisp on the bottom with moist thin skin all around. I didn't find the skin to be nauseating or tasted weird at all. The filling was good and quite generous too. Definitely recommending this gyoza!

Buta Salad

The salad my brother recommended me to try. It's boiled pork slices with tomatoes, onion, cucumber, lettuce, carrot, capsicum, and green onions topped with sesame seeds and (of course) salad dressing.

I'm not a salad person, or a vegetable person in that matter, and if you had read my posts that includes food, you'd know that I'm all about that meat, about that meat, about that meat *Meghan Trainor's song playing* - sorry, it's there, couldn't resist.

Anyway, with that being said, I liked this salad. The pork slices were tender and tasty even though it's only boiled. The salad dressing was this sour tangy sauce with a bit of spicy kick, kinda like a thai salad dressing. I personally enjoyed the salad dressing and even ate all the vegetables, not just the pork slices (Yaay for me eating some greenery). My boyfried didn't quite like the dressing though, he preferred the pork slices just as is. 

That's all the food that I tried in this visit, going to post more since I'm definitely coming back. Currently curious to try their Okayu set that's only available from 10 PM to 10 AM.


Chin-Ma-Ya Ramen
Boulevard Gading Serpong Blok B-4 No. 40,
CBD Paramount Serpong, 
Tel. (021) 2900 1065

//all price in IDR

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