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Monday, January 5, 2015

November Eats - 2014

You know how my Montly Montages posts are always filled with food pictures - because who doesn't love food -? So I thought it'll make more sense if I post all the food pics I had for a monthly montages into a separate post just so that my monthly montages is not filled with just food and looked like all I do is eat (which is not necessarily untrue lol). Other than that, for those of you who are not interested in my oh-so-vanilla-boring life and only interested in the food part can finally be freed from having to endure the everyday life random pictures. See how considerate I am lol.

  • First time trying out Chai Tea -granted an instant one-. I got this one from Loka for 14k. Honestly, I didn't really like it. It tastes a bit "fishy" to me, which I know doesn't make any sense, but it does have this "iron" sort of aftertaste. It's also too sweet for my liking. I'll try a more real deal chai next time.
  • Cooked this glazed pork belly with my brother's girlfriend (fine, she did most of the cooking) for lunch and it tasted DABOMBDIGGITY. That mashed potatoes is the BEST mashed potatoes I've ever had in my life for sure. So fluffy, buttery, creamy, and smooth. I honestly can eat just that carrot sticks with this mashed potatoes. Might post up the recipe in this blog in the future.
  • Cooked this korean fried chicken wing for the dinner. I'm not a fan of Korean food, but this one is pretty good.
  • Redeemed the free KFC voucher from LINE. Threw in an apple-carrot juice to somehow make this lunch a bit healthier lol #fucklogic

  • Made chorizo egg sandwich. Never heard about it before? That's because I just anyhow-ly threw ingredients I had on bread and call it a day lol. Used mayo chilly sauce and sliced cheese as toppings. Not bad not bad.
  • My favorite lazy breakfast. Everything is from Lawson convenient store ^_^ Tuna onigiri, some kind of hot drink, and banana as dessert.
  • Virgin margarita from Fish & Co. Super duper sour and that salt along the rim of the glass adds to the sourness.
  • Buy 1 Get 1 Domino's Pizza for online order. It actually became quite cheap. You pay around 48k to 69k for 2 medium-size pizzas depending what type of pizza you choose. Not bad, huh? Only 30k per pizza.

  • I guess if you've read some of my previous monthly montages it's no secret that breakfast is always my favorite part of staying in a hotel, so this one here is breakfast in Atria Hotel Serpong when my mom came to visit. They had a pretty good breakfast spread. They had omelette station, hot drink machine (like the one you find at convenient store where you can choose various types of drinks), all kind of breakfast dishes, they even had their own pancake/crepes booth, which I've never seen in a hotel breakfast before. They also had all kind of milk (soy, skim, full-fat, strawberry, chocolate) and juices. I also tried my first rice pudding. I've actually always thought that rice as a dessert is really weird since rice is the main carb for our dishes here in Indonesia so when I think of rice, I think of savoury dishes, never sweet ones. Anyway, turned out it's pretty good. Might try to make one myself in the future. 
That wrapped up all the things I ate in November (the one that I bother took picture of anyway). Interested to try any of it?


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