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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The Royal Kitchen - All You Can Eat Indian Food

My brother's girlfriend saw an All-you-can-eat Indian food voucher on groupon, and as we (my brother and I) love food and trying out foreign food, we decided to purchase the voucher :)

If you had read my Bali trip, you'd know that I've since fallen in love with the rich-spiced Indian curry and their naan bread, so I was quite excited to redeem the voucher, which we finally did a week ago.

Upon first entering, the ambiance of the place was very quite and serene, kinda like those in formal dinner. The service was a bit slow that day, we were asked to wait for a few times and the place wasn't even packed yet.

There was a short buffet table where we can get the all-you-can-eat food, then the server brought us this appetizer above, a plate of naan, and another plate of some kind of flat bread, which I forgot to picture of - too busy stuffing my face :p 

I don't know what this appetizer is, but it tasted like potatoes and the sauce was tangy. It was okay, I quite liked it. The flatbread was really delicious (it tastes like cakwe/yu tiao but in flatbread form), especially paired with the curry, while the naan was pretty good as well.

The above picture basically shows all of the dishes on the buffet table. There were a total of 8 dishes if I'm not mistaken, including salad. I was expecting a wide arrays of Indian food, so I was kinda disappointed with the limited choices.

However, all the little choices that they did have were all decent at the very least, some were super tasty. The mutton curry was definitely my favorite, the muttons were incredibly tender and the curry was very spiced up (not spicy though) and just so so tasty. That curry beside the mutton curry and the one with chickpea were also really good. The fragrant rice was nice as well. My brother loved that red chicken, which to me tasted like spicy version of sweet and sour chicken in Chinese food lol.

For the drink, I ordered Strawberry lassi which was refreshing, tasted like strawberry yogurt drink (which it essentially is), while my brother and his gf ordered this super sour greenish drink that, let alone remember the name, I can't even pronounce it. Neither of us liked the drink and I think we left it unfinished.

My brother actually already asked the waiter what is in the drink prior to ordering, but the waiter didn't know either wtf, just said that it's a sour drink, which is true, but how come you don't know what you're selling doublewtf.

All in all, I'm neither satisfied nor particularly disappointed with this restaurant. I mean, most of the food were really good, but the choices were very limited that it's kinda a shame to call it an all-you-can-eat buffet (I know all-you-can-eat buffet doesn't mean wide variety, but out of all all-you-can-eat buffet that I've tried, none have as little choices as this one). Anyway, I've made my peace with the limited choice because the food were really good, but the service definitely need improvement. At least educate the employees in what they're selling, made sure they know what food is what and what it is, afterall a lot of Indonesian are still not familiar with Indian food's name. If you do love Indian food, I think this resto is worth a try though. Maybe try the a la carte menu instead :)


The Royal Kitchen
Jl. Pluit Indah Raya I Pluit Mega Mall
Jakarta 14450
Phone :+62 216684045
Phone :+62 8119915526

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