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Friday, January 9, 2015

2014 in a Nutshell | Yearly Wrap-Up

Surprisingly, I managed to scrape up enough entries and photos from my so called blog to do a "2014 in a Nutshell"! Some might be too insignificant to  be included, but bear with me 'cos this is as thorough as I can get this post to be given my sucky memory and my laziness to commemorate on this blog =X

Let's start, shall we?

  • I started the New Year with a new blog banner, new design, and all that jazz. I drew the twirly thingy on the banner and sidebar using a tablet that had been collecting dust for months. You can read all about it HERE.

  • I uploaded my Marbled Hearts tutorial and got a shoutout from a nail art account and got a surge of new followers on instagram, more than 100 I'd say, and I think most people unfollow already lah since I rarely post nail art, or post at all in that matter, on my instagram lol
  • The most memorable one that even my sucky memory can remember is that I won 1st place in the Binus & Windows Hackaton Developer Challenge in Utility category with a mobile app me & my boyfriend made in a day (we only planned it to at least be accepted in Windows Store so that we don't have to do KP-practical work). Not gonna push the app on you 'cos it most definitely wasn't my best work.

  • Still about our application, it ranked and piqued at number 4 on US Windows Store in lifestyle category!! I was obviously shocked and incredibly happy about it, but also a bit hurt from some mean comments left (mean comment from my other teammate -wtf!!- also didn't help). Sorry okay the app not very thought out, only made it in a day. But in the end we got 3 smartphones and a tablet for it, so whatever :p

  • First time going to gym for a trial run. I think I went to the gym a total of 4-5 times that week to try out several classes
  • Insignificant one, but I started learning 3Ds Max =)

  • I had a hard time to find a highlight in March, but this was the month I started my Gym membership and working toward a healthier and fitter self, so I think that's worth mentioning, right?

  • I won Lenza X Lolabox giveaway and it was my first winning a giveaway, so I blogged about it HERE. See, I only managed to blog useless stuff lol.

  • Later that month I won another giveaway hosted by Lolabox! This time is in collaboration with Luxola and the prize is a free subscription box, which I have reviewed HERE, and the famous lash fiber, which I haven't managed to review until now, but it's on my long list of stuff to blog.
  • I voted for the first time in my 19 years of life. When I became legal to vote, there's nothing to vote on okay, not that I had been lazy to vote the years before, which come to think of it, definitely sounds like something I would do =X

  • Urhm...first spa experience? Worth mentioning? It's at Laseca, and honestly, I didn't feel like completely rejuvinated or renewed, but may it was because I was too nervous, so I'll try again next time!

  • I went to Singapore for my yearly visit to accompany my grandma for a check up, didn't blog about the trip though. I might, but I think all I have is food pics -typical Lily. I'll blog this year's trip if I go again this year. Anyhow, here's the HAUL from that trip
  • I started my thesis a.k.a skripshit
  • I got my first mac computer, the 13" macbook pro 2013, with my own money. It's one of the best -and my most expensive to date wtf- investment ever. I love how compact and sleek the design is, and how fluid everything goes. My first and foremost reasons to get a macbook pro are for the Final Cut Pro X and for its portability (my previous laptop is a 15" Asus that weighed more than 3 kg-still used it for the Sims :p). Being a PC/Windows girl since my first time knowing computer, I was pretty impressed with how clean and fast the mac computer is. However, I'm still going to use Windows from time to time 'cos some programs are only available on Windows OS. Sorry for my boring rambles on techie stuff =X
Sam jokingly paste the apple sticker on to my laptop -_-"

  • I got my first Deborah Lippmann nail polish!! Never thought I'd ever see this day 'cos I'm very stingy lol and I got LUXOLA team to thank for the chance of trying this excellent nail polish and reviewing it. You can see my review HERE, HERE, and HERE.

  • I uploaded my first ever lookbook video! Not gonna lie, I was a bit nervous about it, because I realize I'm not really a fashion kinda girl,  but I actually quite liked how the video turned out :)
  • This is the month that I finally decided to move. I had already lived in my then boarding house for about 3 years and within those 3 years I had quite a few of malfunction in the facilities, namely, my again and again broken AC that never get fixed (it even dripped some water and I had to put basket underneath it, and on some occasion I didn't realize it dripped water and went sleeping and woke to a drenched table, floor, boxes, some even almost gotten to wiring wtf) and it never occurred to the owner to change the AC even though it was clearly broken, and then there's my mixed up laundry (there were tons of times I caught the owner's daughter wearing my clothes wtf), and let's not forget about the missing laundry too, there are more, but I'll be too mad to continue. 
This one happened while I was filming a tutorial wtf, and it's not just little drips too, it's a continuous big drips that can fill up that bucket in a matter of half hour

  • My first time voting for presidential election :) #2

  • I officially terminate my contract with VISO, if you guys didn't know, I was under VISO network for a year :) I loved their support system, but my contract was up and I didn't feel like extending it.

  • This marked my most uploads month. I uploaded a total of 5 videos this month (probably standard upload for a lot of people, but for me it's quite a lot already, so I'm not sure to be proud or to be ashamed about the fact that 5 uploads is a lot for me), and 4 of them was my back to school video, you can watch them HERE.

  • Attended my first blogger event hosted by Luxola, which is one of my favorite company no less. You can read all about it HERE.

  • I finally bought the lilyzhen domain!! Read it HERE.
  • Had my first road trip with Sam to Puncak to visit Taman Safari Zoo. Yes, I know it's silly, but I still love zoo.

  • I hosted my very first giveaway on my channel! And just wait for many more to come ;)

  • I finally tried 3D nail art using acrylic after being intimidated by it for the longest time. I will have a 101 video all about it soon, so stay tuned okay!
Still suck at it btw, but I'm gonna keep practicing :)

  • I made my first model/mock-up to help my brother's orders and actually got paid for it. It was my first time, so the result is still really sloppy, but I'm quite proud of it. 

  • I also got my first design job to design brochure, name card, and sticker for an IT Company. I'm Computer Science major btw, so design job and model/mock-up is out of my reach, but I'm actually glad I got to do both :) 
  • Did my first nail art job :) It's a winter-themed one. If you're interested in doing nail art with me, you can contact me through my email: Here's the area I can cover: Alam Sutera, BSD, Serpong, Palmerah/Kebun Jeruk (daerah Binus, CP & TA), and Yogyakarta (when I'm going back to my hometown).

That's all. That's all I can dig up. I'm sure there are more momentum -because if not, what a lazy year, productivity speaking-. How's your 2014? Are you satisfied with what you did? :)

Here's hoping to an even more fabulous and amazing 2015!!!

take care,

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